Restaurant closures due to COVID19 were “voluntary”

Last March 15, almost everyone assumed, because of the actions of our government, that all catering establishments should be closed immediately.

In all the chaos, in which the Rutte3 cabinet has plunged us into, we still want to create clarity and came to the following shocking conclusions.

The Horeca has closed its doors voluntarily! This is evident from listened back interviews and the official documents in the hands of CommonSenseTV.

The directions given by the Cabinet were suggestive and voluntary, there was no legal obligation at all!

Just a fresh reminder of the press conference.

On March 15 was the press conference of ministers Slob and Bruins, in which she said: “We also come up with new measures”.

-All food and beverage outlets in the Netherlands close from 18:00 pm today and will therefore remain closed until April 6
-Also sports and fitness clubs, saunas, sex clubs and coffee shops close from 18:00 pm today, and will remain closed until April 6. ”


The imposed and “mandatory” closures of these companies were therefore retrospective "Voluntary".

Apparently there was no legal ground to oblige the restaurants to close! That is a good example of misleading talking in order to be able to impose emergency ordinances.

We asked the relevant ministries, security regions, mayors and the Royal catering industry for reactions how this could have happened and these are the answers.

The response of the chairman of the Kennemerlands security region reads as follows:

“On March 15, the minister instructed the presidents of the security regions to close food and beverage outlets in the region from March 15 at 18.00:XNUMX PM. However, in the short term the chairman could not make an emergency ordinance, so there was therefore legally no obligation for companies to close that Sunday. During that period, however, there were also consultations between the relevant ministers and KNH about the closure of the catering industry. The presidents of the security regions or the mayors of municipalities were not involved in these consultations. KNH then informed its supporters about this and advised them to close in anticipation of the expected emergency ordinance ”“ The emergency ordinance of the CRC finally came into effect on Tuesday 17 March. Central government is responsible for the designation, and the chairman of the security region must base the emergency ordinance on this. The security regions are in agreement with each other and with the minister about a model regulation. ”


We received this response from the public health director of the safety region:

"The considerations of companies to still close must be in the first and foremost among the companies themselves. It can be assumed that they are closed from own assessment of health risks with customers and staff. In addition, they may have wanted to respond to a call from their sector organizations, which have discussed this in The Hague. No information is known about the content of this consultation between the Cabinet and the trade organizations in the CRC. ”




When checking with various restaurants, there were no messages in advance that a closure was coming.

That raised even more questions. When inquiring at the spokesperson of the Koninklijke Horeca Nederland (KHN), it appears that this sector organization is entirely is not involved been. This is confirmed in the comment as it says here.

“On March 15, the cabinet announced that food and beverage outlets had to close their doors that same evening at 18:00 PM. Initially until April 6, but this was later extended until June 1. This decision came as a great surprise to Koninklijke Horeca Nederland (KHN). Despite knowing that the coronavirus would be impactful, this came about sudden decision unexpectedly. We would like to state that we as a trade association here were not aware of it and that there were certainly no discussions about this prior to the closure. The closure of food and beverage outlets was a decision by the cabinet and the security regions, which should be acted upon immediately. Naturally, this decision raised many questions. We immediately started working on this and then shared the impact and consequences of the closure with our members. Our members regularly receive an internal update from us and we also share the latest information via our channels. ”

Why did the then and dismissed (or left. Conscientious objection?) Minister Bruno Bruins together with incumbent minister Fred Grapperhaus, who informed all chairmen in the security regions, that the industry association (KHN) was involved in advance?

It seems it has to do with responsibility. Because now the restaurants themselves have closed “voluntarily” and this emphasizes the necessity for health reasons. Subsequently, the cabinet and the lawyers were able to draw up the emergency regulations and substantiate them legally by deciding so legally. After all, from the cabinet's point of view, restaurants themselves considered it a great risk. Restaurants did not know any better that the ministers and the security region had enforced and obliged this and felt compelled to close doors.


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We asked Minister Fred Grapperhaus to respond to our findings. Unfortunately, after several times we have expressly and repeatedly asked to respond, we have not received any response.

Jasper S.


Interview with chairman of the safety region:


Press conference Bruno and Slob March 15, 2020




Hospitality entrepreneur: I REFUSE to implement these bullshit rules!


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