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Restaurant owner in California charges $5 to customers with face masks

And then per order!

“$5 FEE ADDED TO ORDERS PLACED WEARING A FACE MASK”, it says on signs in the windows and at the cash register of Fiddleheads Cafe.

Fiddleheads Cafe

And that's not all.

The fine print adds that anyone who is supposed to brag about being vaccinated will pay another $5.

“Customers love it or hate it”, said owner Chris Castleman in an email to NBC Bay Area. He also reports that the “fine” will ultimately be a donation to victims of domestic violence.

"There are those who refuse to pay it; I think a $5 donation to charity is too much for them. Others have happily paid for it, knowing it's going to a good cause. I don't force anyone to pay, I give them freedom of choice, which seems to be a strange concept in these parts of the countryCastleman added.

Well… the paper on the door is clear. in the end he doesn't force them. But the message is clear. And God forbid we get a huge clash here between vaccinated and unvaccinated (fuellmich, do it! Show it to the people!) but after all that craziness and hysteria it's wonderful to see people doing this and propagating that they haven't been reprogrammed yet because we've seen some madness in the last 400+ days, say.


It is not the first time that this Chris Castleman publicly opposes this mass hysteria.

“THHROW YOUR MASK IN OUR TRASH CAN AND RECEIVE 50% OFF YOUR ORDER”, it said on his window from summer.

In June 2020, his restaurant was temporarily closed and he was fined $10.000 for violating absurd rules.

He let his staff walk up without masks and he didn't think it was necessary to paint arrows and signposts on his floor for this nonsense.

“I am not going to tell my employees anything”, Castleman said at the time. “That is between them and the State. In general, my stance on all of this is that it's about personal responsibility and personal choices. It's not about me being a police officer."

And people are also wonderful creatures in these cases. His fine was paid through fundraising by people who do have their eyes open with their hearts in the right place. That probably took less than a week.

Delicious isn't it?

Order here! 

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