WHO whistleblower's revealing statement on Bill Gates' corruption and inordinate power within WHO and GAVI

The following video has been translated and donated by Vaccine Free Foundation. Follow their newsletter to stay up to date with the latest vaccine developments and in particular the censored Covid-19 pandemic news.

In this video, WHO whistleblower Dr. Astrid Stückelberger on Bill Gates' inviolability and inordinate power within the World Health Organization (WHO) and GAVI - the vaccine alliance - and the corruption of these organizations. She explains this to the German extra-parliamentary committee of inquiry (Außerparlamentarischer corona Untersuchungsausschuss), led by the lawyers Dr. Reiner Fullmich, Dr. Justus Hoffmann, Antonia Fischer and Viviane Fischer. The German Extra-Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (BPOC), like the Dutch BPOC, conducts systematic and scientifically substantiated investigations into the authorities' corona mismanagement.

Dr. Stückelberger is a renowned international health scientist with a PhD in public health and has been conducting both clinical and epidemiological scientific research for policy makers for at least 25 years. She is highly regarded by organizations such as WHO, United Nations (UN), International Labor Organization (ILO) & World Bank and has published at least 12 books and 180 scientific articles. She is assisted by Dr. Silvia Behrendt during the interrogation. A legal expert in pandemic management and former legal expert advisor to WHO. She also worked for the Secretariat of the International Health Regulations, Epidemic Alert and Response in Geneva. She is also a supporting member of the “Lawyers for Fundamental Rights” initiative.

Video questioning at the German Extra-Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry with Dr. Astrid Stückelberger and Dr. Silvia Behrendt. Duration 28:53 min.







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