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While the corona hysteria is still raging in our country and the hidden powers are doing everything they can to completely ruin our society, (deadly) stabbings are still the order of the day.

The 25-year-old man who is detained for stabbing the death of Rik van de Rakt (18) from Heesch this weekend in Oss, is an asylum seeker from Sudan. The suspect is a status holder and lives in Heesch. It is the second refugee arrested in Brabant this year for a life crime.

The police confirm the background of the suspect after questions from De Telegraaf to the municipality of Bernheze, including Heesch.

Nowhere else was there anything written in the press about the perpetrator's origin.

“On Monday, a search took place in the residence of the status holder in Heesch. The investigation is still in full swing and we are still looking for witnesses and in particular for the cyclist who cycled on the Hescheweg in Heesch on Sunday. The suspect will be brought before the examining magistrate this week. ”so says a spokesman for the East Brabant police.

The village is full of anger and grief over the murder of the teenager who, as it seems now, was assaulted and stabbed to death for no reason.

It soon became known in Heesch that the suspect was the 25-year-old status holder. He previously caused nuisance in the village and was therefore known to the police. He announced on Monday that the suspect was arrested in confused condition shortly after the murder.


Despite the enormous impact of the fatal stabbing and multiple requests, Mayor Marieke Moorman did not want to respond to the incident on Tuesday.

Rik van de Rakt was found DEAD on his bike in Oss on Sunday morning at the junction of the Julianasingel with the Dr. Saal van Zwanenbergsingel in Oss. Later it turned out that he had been stabbed.

Rik van de Rakt

The plug might also have attacked a woman around the same time, but he managed to escape the man.

Rik was chased by that man, running with a knife, but was unable to get to safety, according to surveillance images.

The 25-year-old Sudanese status holder was found by the police with bloodstained clothing at the station in Oss. The police are still looking for witnesses to both attacks. The police say they have not yet ruled out a terrorist motive.

“There are no indications in that direction. However, at this stage we keep all scenarios open. ”, says a spokesman for the East Brabant police.

"He called his stepfather Marco and yelled for help.", said a friend of Rik. It is also a big mystery for the grandparents what exactly happened that Sunday morning.

Four years ago Heesch was completely turned upside down because of violent protests against the arrival of an asylum seekers center. Dead pigs had been laid in a tree, and eggs had been thrown against the windows of the town hall. The mobile unit had to intervene against rioters. The AZC did not get there.

The Sudanese is the second refugee detained on suspicion of murder in Brabant. Last month, the police arrested a resident of the AZC in Echt for the murder of 56-year-old 'barrel talker' Frank Schrijen from Boxmeer. A celebrity in the carnival world. The suspect is from Trinidad and Tobago.

The lawyer of the Sudanese suspect of the stabbing in Oss has been asked to be heard through the Public Prosecution Service, but has not yet responded.

May this young man rest in peace. Our condolences go out to his family and friends.

And meanwhile? The Netherlands continues with their migrant hobby:



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