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Complete compilation of police brutality and harassment during demonstration

ME and also all Defense deployments during demonstrations

Article and video compilation of our friends and fighters of Whoops!

Are you going to demonstrate again next Saturday or Sunday or do you plan to demonstrate in the future? Please note that this right may disappear soon.

Dutch law is currently designed in such a way:

'Article 9: Freedom of assembly and demonstration'

1. The right to meet and demonstrate is recognized, subject to everyone's responsibility under the law.

2. The law may set rules to protect health, in the interest of traffic and to combat or prevent disorders.

The following bill has been prepared in Curaçao:

'Article 10' (parliamentary year 2019-2020-168, submitted June 23, 2020)

1. .. that it is forbidden for anyone to reveal thoughts or feelings, to pass on information, to gather or to receive, or to provide screenings, including films.

2. By revealing feelings and thoughts as referred to in the first paragraph, it is understood in any case to produce, publish, have in hand, distribute, apply or market writings, inscriptions, drawings or images.
and 'Article 11'
1.a. it is forbidden for anyone to argue in public or to participate in a meeting or demonstration.

Where does this go?

Will the Netherlands become a fully controlled police state?

We will still go back to it "Old normal" actually already not normal used to be? Or will we be so limited in our freedoms that we can no longer express ourselves in any way?

In countries like Canada Worden citizens for no apparent reason taken from their homes (see second video). They also want to extend this policy in other countries.

Also in The Netherlands there is a plan ready to justify these kinds of actions. The offense is already there when officials (for example BOAs) are allowed to look around your site and in barns or houses without being asked.

Are you then labeled as a Covid19 patient and removed for a possible Corona test? What effect does it have on your private life and that of your children? Then get one criminal record what later makes it difficult to get work? Or will the criminal record ensure that you do so later fewer rights , for example, rights over your children in the event of a divorce?

During the demonstration on 21 June in The Hague, it became clear once again that the government used civilian agents to cause problems or riots on which the ME could act.

Compilation of police brutality and intimidation June 21 in The Hague:


'400 arrests made in demonstration against corona measures'

'Government is losing grip on society'

'Demonstration gets out of hand, hundreds of detainees'

… Are then the headlines of the mainstream media.

In the compilation you can clearly see how the police work. Undercover agents provoke riots, threaten civilians, but you can also see how peaceful and quiet the demonstration had gone.



2/3 July 2020:

'Defense closes the city center of The Hague to protesting farmers'

'Defense with 25 trucks to The Hague to drop off the city center' and

'Police and trucks from Defense in The Hague, no farmers yet'.

On Thursday morning, July 2, the message circulated:
"Everyone come to The Hague."

Hundreds of tractors arrived in The Hague and stopped some of the traffic. ME, Police, BOAs, Traffic wardens and Defense were ready. Defense had built up several blockades to prevent all tractors from driving to the courtyard. Around 10 o'clock the crowds could be followed through all live streams, offered via Hoppa. On July 3 it is hit again; the farmers are again in The Hague and a massive turnout is expected. Defense is ready with their blockade trucks again, see photo collection at the bottom of the article.

The video compilation was made from the submissions made through Hoppa! Many thanks for this.

From now on we will download ALL submissions and once online has been checked for relevance / cleanliness Whoops!

Tips for taking pictures:

  • Above all, keep on filming!
  • Tag us when you go live (via Facebook: Hoppa Twee / Hoppa Appoh, or send a message)
  • Bring spare batteries with you 😉
  • Scold as little as possible
  • Try to film if you smell trouble 🙂
  • Try to take other filmmakers into account, creating as many angles / viewpoints as possible.

And if you stream via Facebook:
Stop recording regularly and start a new one.
This so that we can download the previous version (s).

Together we are stronger against censorship!


- Written by Ferry Mahler - Hoppa!

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More videos and images

Petrol station 28-06-2020 The Hague center:


Agent training video / vlog, similar to the undercover agents / ME within the demonstrations.


Video from Canada taken of citizens from home because of Covid-19?


Demonstration archive 21-06-2020 on Youtube



Photo compilations 21-06-2020:


Video entry defense in the city center


Photos 2 / 3-06-2020:

Boeing 767-432ER - Delta Airlines (N828MH)


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By bank: NL73 BUNQ 2044 5114 01
Attn Ferry Mahler

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These photos (BLM demonstration) are also included, why do the agents want to help out and kill the other demonstrations?

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