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Manipulation with figures, ruse and deception by the government, the RIVM and the mainstream media.

Manipulation with numbers, ruse and deception
by the government, RIVM and the mainstream media.

The degrees of comparison actually consist of 3 degrees.
Beautiful, more beautiful, most beautiful is my favorite staircase.
But in my profession I often use these:
Lies, gross lies, statistics.
Ironic, but very true. With statistics and graphs you can perform so many manipulations that a completely reversed image of reality can be 'demonstrated'.

Today we can add 2 more degrees to these degrees of comparison:

Lies, gross lies, statistics, politicians, mainstream media.

Because how these last 2 can lie and manipulate, since the corona hoax era, that is unprecedented, unseen and unheard of and therefore deserves 2 extra kicks. (pun intended!)

"More than 34.000.000 infections worldwide", we read. In reality, there are currently more than 9.000.000. And that number also includes the PCR 'infections', but we will come back to that in a moment.

When it comes to the figures of large countries, the US, Brazil, it looks more spectacular to use the absolute numbers. "More than 200.000 dead in the US".

But when it comes to small numbers, it looks more spectacular to work with percentages:
“60% increase in the number of hospital admissions in the Netherlands”, I read this week.
60% !!!

That sounds scary and serious!

In reality, it was an increase from about 152 the week before to 244 the week after. Did you know that there are about 300 hospitals and clinics in the Netherlands? So not even every hospital has had to admit no less than 1 patient in a week. That was pressing at the front door!
No, now I understand the need to kill the entire economy, take away people's fundamental rights, take away people's dignity. And yes, logically, now I also understand that we should “just shut up”.

The statistics and test methods are adjusted at will by the RIVM and the government.

Not to get a better picture, but to be able to maintain that a pandemic is afoot. In March-April-May, corona contamination was detected with a laboratory test.

When the number of infections started to decline rapidly from April-May, the PCR test was added in June. Anyone who wanted to be tested, whether or not because of a snot nose, could have themselves tested. The number of 'infections' then shot up.
People who were really sick, with flu-like complaints and / or respiratory complaints were still diagnosed with a real lab test. And guess what, the past 25 weeks:

Yes, for Twenty-Five Weeks, corona contamination has hardly or no longer occurred in the Netherlands.

Adenovirus and Rhinovirus are currently the most common infections in humans with such complaints.
(Source: The Virological Week Statements and Epidemiological situation covid-19 of the RIVM)

So now the sick people do not have covid-19 and the healthy people do! If it were really the case that so many healthy people are carrying the virus, then that would rather be cause for cheers, because then we have largely caught the immunity. But the cheers do not come because they are all lies.

I have already written several times about the Virological Week Statements and the fraud and manipulation that can be exposed through the weekly statements has been noticed by several parties. Recently, people who go to the doctor with complaints are therefore no longer diagnosed with a real, but with a PCR test. (This also applies to deaths.

Someone who is killed in a traffic accident gets a cotton swab pushed in the nose in the morgue and can then be registered as a corona dead.) The real test is now only used for 'monitoring purposes'. This is not further defined and specified, but this 'monitoring' still shows that there are no or hardly any corona infections in the Netherlands.

The PCR test and the corona policy in Jip and Janneke language

During a question round, Jaap van Dissel mentioned that he had recently read an article in the NRC about the PCR test. Van Dissel must therefore read in the NRC how the PCR test (not) works !!!
And he will then advise Mark Rutte and Hugo de Jonge to help the whole country to hell just to be sure.

Attention Mark, Hugo and Jaap! Especially for you I explain it in Jip and Janneke language:

Imagine you are walking down the street with a blindfold. You bend down and feel in the gutter if there is something there.
You find a piece of rubber from a windshield wiper. You find that you have found a car.
But be careful !!
This is not just a car ……
This is a very dangerous car that might kill everyone.
But if you quickly put on a face mask, stop playing with your friends and keep your mouth shut, nothing can happen to you.

Do you now also understand Markje, Hugootje and Jaapje? Or shall I come and read it?

Why don't we test the tests?

I think most experts agree that the PCR test cannot be used and is not intended to diagnose. Even Kary Mullis, the inventor of the test, said so.
Anyway, you and I don't know exactly either. What I do know is that WHO instructs all countries to use the PCR test.
But of course there is a very easy way to find out whether the test is reliable or not. About 2000 people are tested positive with PCR every day. If only they checked 100 of these positive people every day for a week with a real test. There are about 70 labs in the Netherlands that can do this. 700 tests in a week, that's less than 2 per day per lab. So there is capacity for that. Then after 7 days, 700 control tests, we know what the situation is with certainty bordering on certainty. If it then turns out that, say, 97% of the positive PCR tested people also turn out positive in the real test, then you can say that the test is quite accurate. But I fear it will be the other way around. And that is of course exactly why they do not perform this simple check. Because the goal is to keep the fear in as much as possible and to continue this hoax.

Several doctors and other scientists have already explained in detail that and why the PCR test cannot be used to diagnose a corona patient.

While writing this column, I received a newsletter in my mailbox from De Lange Mars, . And let's just say an extensive article about the PCR test, including the research results of “Deutsche Netzwerk Evidenzbasierte Medizin eV”, a scientific medical professional club. And the conclusion of these scientists is that the PCR test scores about 95% false positive.
There are now also a few MPs who are aware of this scam and who continue to ask questions about the reliability of the PCR test. There are few or no answers to the questions, but to get rid of the tricky questions, there will be a new test soon. It gives a result much faster and even more unreliable. So wet your chest.

"You are not a scientist / virologist / bacteriologist"
I often hear and read in discussions or in reactions. That's right.
But when you see how often scientists contradict each other, we cannot always do something with that.
There are of course many things that you can simply solve with common sense. Like the test of the PCR test described above. You don't have to be a rocket scientist for that. A child can still think of that. At the moment, the discussion about the usefulness of mouth masks is raging. I also don't have to be a scientist to conclude that this muzzle obligation doesn't solve anything. In Peru, where the obligation to mask masks always and everywhere is already in force throughout the 'estado de emergencia', there should otherwise be an indication for this. However, Peru is the most infected country in the world. If face masks would help, the evidence for it would have been revealed in Peru. But the opposite is the case.
Scientists and doctors even state that wearing a mouth mask poses many other medical complications.
(The medical staff (of course) always wear mouth masks in the ORs. Since this impedes oxygen absorption, extra oxygen is always added to the air in the ORs.)

 Yes, and now what?

The pioneers in the fight against this hoax and the exposure of the lies, CommonSenceTV and Robert Jensen, are now flanked by many, many others. Café Weltschmertz, De Lange Mars, Jay Francis (Tisjeboy), (Lange) Frans Frederiks, Rico Brouwer (Potkaars), Sven Hulleman (A war already lost), Virus Truth, TTM, Independent Press, Blue Tiger Studio, Maurice de Hond and more many, many others commit themselves by conducting research, interviewing scientists, analyzing figures, publishing potcasts and columns and you name it.

The sad thing is that the message is always the same but it doesn't solve much. For many months now, the thinkers have been aware of this hoax, all misinformation and all denials of reality. Unfortunately, the crowds have become so indoctrinated that they continue to cling to the panic stories of governments and mainstream media. A group of well-known artists who had spoken critically and had asked a number of questions were put down in the press and among the Dutch celebrities who (often) are paid by the state '#Idoenietmeermee' but have withdrawn again. Jinek and the other Op1 'heroes' do not dare to invite people who can really tell a substantiated story and refute the insipid rumors. Just invite Sven Hulleman, Rico Brouwer or Jay Francis.

At the behest of the WHO, succeeded by almost all governments, a grueling policy is being pursued in all respects, based on almost nothing… ..
In a previous column “The Big Corona Picture” I left open the possibility that this whole grueling policy could be based on ignorance, stupidity, persistence in wrong principles, tunnel vision, not daring to admit and so on.
But that can no longer be a possibility.

Almost everywhere we see the new lockdowns reintroduced and all clearly proven based on nothing but lies, manipulation and deliberate deception.
I'm afraid the gun will have to change shoulders. We will not be able to stop these dangerous madmen with discussions, columns and peaceful demonstrations.
Those responsible for this should be tried before the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity.

Can you still just come to the sessions by bike, Mark. That is still an advantage.

Marcel van Tol


Many people are harassed by schools that want children to put on a face mask.

Read this well!

Mandatory masks are NOT legally possible

Stop this total madness !!

Share and like as much as possible! This is how we break through censorship together!

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