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Rotterdam and Huig Plug

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“I don't know where to start anymore.”

Jeroen Pols spoke these words recently.

And I understand his words better now than ever before. There is so much going on that all is not right, is not right, is not according to the law, there is so much injustice! Where can we start??.....

There's just no way to start.

At least, not in a civilized and legally substantiated way. It is only possible to get out of this with a lot of violence. The self-proclaimed rulers, dictators, have started a war against us, benevolent citizens. If we don't fight they will destroy our very existence. Our society, a society with flaws, but also with all the good things we have built. They can destroy everything!

What should we do?

What should we be reporting on CSTV about now? We are only working with a few volunteers to collect real news. News that will be withheld from you by the state propaganda channels.

The whole world is on fire! But okay, we'll keep doing our best!


Actions rather than words. Rotterdammers, you are heroes! Finally real resistance. I am happy but also sad. We already knew that the thugs of the dictatorship are capable of a lot of violence, but by firing live ammunition at the people a very large line has been crossed. The Dutch Beer can now be completely unleashed. It still lacks a bit of good organization. Preparation to stop those cunt vans of theirs, enough fuel for if one does come through. There is a lot that can be done with simple means and some organization to be able to win this war. They have more resources, but we have more power through our numbers. And don't overestimate them. Essentially, those bastards with their flak jackets and helmets are just dirty dirty cowards who can only carry out their crimes because they feel empowered by the group that surrounds them and a dictator who 'protects' them from his office. A little bit more organized resistance and they're nowhere. And then off to The Hague to find the real culprits!

I went through the time last year in Peru where the police started firing live ammunition and killed a few people. Then the fence was off the dam and within 2 days it had happened to the dictators. 2 years ago I could never have imagined that the Netherlands would turn into a terrorist dictatorship. 1 year ago I could never have imagined that the state thugs of Australia would start firing at protesting civilians with rubber bullets and those of Peru. A week ago I could not have imagined that the Dutch state fighters would start shooting at us with live ammunition.

I've written before that it's war. But now it's clear to everyone. This dictatorial rule must be stopped. Don't give up now. Full back at it. And not just in Rotterdam, everywhere. Come on all of the Netherlands! Make them crazy! Make them..

Uvula Plug

We receive requests from various sides to pay attention to Huig Plug.

Huig Plug is fighting for a completely different cause. I know almost nothing about this matter, but I can observe that Huig Plug is a passionate and well-informed person who is committed to fighting injustice with heart and soul. The cases he fights for can even be labeled 'horrific injustice' and the way in which Grapperklaus twists himself in all sorts of twists and turns to keep this all covered up gives plenty to think about.

I came across an interesting and well-founded account of Huig's work and his arrest on Ella Ster's site. Apparently he is still in prison on orders from Grapperklaus, one of our dictatorial chief Nazis.

I put the link to Ella Ster here in case you want to know more about this. I couldn't do it better myself!:


I have no more words. I am glad that real resistance is now emerging against this dictatorship, but at the same time so sad for the victims who fell by the criminals at the behest of the self-proclaimed dictators.

How could we have gotten into this????

I'll just post some illustrations and a text I came across today.









And if you listen to this, you almost start to believe the consperacy theories that it's all staged again:




(Violence, the solution
Rotterdam November 19, 2021. I had several life feeds on on my screen because I was told that there would be a war between the authorities and a group of ringleaders/criminals! Everything was planned during the peaceful protest against G2 in Rotterdam.
Everything went smoothly until groups of scum (they say football supporters) emerged from a few streets. It was as if they were released from their cages and started destroying everything in their path. Shortly afterwards, groups of police came from the same corners from which the scum came. It was remarkable to see that the scum was given the opportunity to create total chaos and shortly afterwards the so-called authority intervened against this unhinged gang that had NOTHING to do with the protest. It was also strange that there were neat pallets with stones ready and various loose objects that the gear was allowed to indulge in!
It became a true battle as planned at the behest and knowledge of the Police, ME and Mayor! This judicial criminal group (Police, ME, Defense and Mayor) even proceeded to shoot civilians. According to the information already given, which shows that this action appears to be the new task of the authorities. What mattered was the plan to cancel the protest in Amsterdam, which at first seemed to work, but luckily the organization saw through this dirty strategy!
By deploying scum through the Police, ME and Defense, it is pretended that it is the citizens who carry out this violence! The images proved that both thugs and Police, ME were working together and would riot according to an agreed pattern. And that under the guise "the citizen has lost their patience". It is clear that a hard core from Police, ME and Army that does the real dirty work.
Mayors, Police, ME and Army are out to provoke a civil war.
John H Baselmans-Oracle)


Watch and read Chris's post (if you haven't already), which contains a video that doesn't lie:

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