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Only 12% want to be vaccinated in the Netherlands

Reality is bombarding mainstream media

“The willingness of the Dutch to get vaccinated against the corona virus has declined. Research by I&O Research shows that 60 percent would like to be vaccinated when a vaccine comes on the market. ”, reports RTL News. Article RTL


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Go to their page and click About us: Hundreds of people are participating in this highly accurate research project .. Data specialists, researchers, fieldwork coordinators. HR advisor, secondment consultants. You keep scrolling.

I&O came to the conclusion: the majority of the Netherlands, 60%, wants to be vaccinated. A survey of a thousand or 2 TV-watching people.

So completely reliable. You can just take it from these people. It's so. That saves you thinking and searching for yourself.


NH-Nieuws (Noord-Holland) also added a poll with the question:

Do you want that shot?

The answer from the Netherlands is clear:

Almost 50.000 votes, on a mainstream media channel, and only 13% want to be vaccinated.

Normally, polls among several thousand panel members are held by Ipsos or EenVandaag.

But these are the real polls.

It is to be hoped that we are all determined and tenacious. If there is no support for it, then one cannot threaten to deny the “refusers” everywhere. Because that's what they are going to do. No vaccine? Do not exercise. Not to dance school. No more concerts for you. That is voluntary vaccination in the Netherlands. Only your social life is completely taken away.


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