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RTL News spreads fake news about the German attacker

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RTL Nieuws reported on the attack that was committed today in Germany in Volksmarsen.

A car drove in on a carnival parade. Some 30 people were injured, including children in particular.


Despite explicit warning from the Nordhessen police not to share the spread of fakenews, RTL did.

In this Tweet, the police from Nordhessen reported that a photo is going around on the internet showing how the perpetrator is being arrested.

“The person in this photo is definitely NOT the culprit. Don't share fake messages! ” reports the police.

But what does RTL News do? 

In their broadcast they show exactly the photo where the perpetrator explicitly does NOT stand and report: "This photo shows how the suspect is being arrested."

This was noticed by sharp twitterers:

So for clarity: This man in this photo is NOT the culprit as RTL News claimed. RTL will have to rectify this.

Whether they did it consciously? We will probably never know and you don't want to assume. Everyone makes mistakes. But the distrust of the mainstream media is already so great. And that is not surprising.

Due to the demonstrable political agenda, bias and corruption of the mainstream media, platforms such as CSTV are created out of necessity. No honest news without citizens. We can see that again thanks to the attentive citizens on the social media. @elephant

Earlier today we reported about the bizarre response of RTL by e-mail to a complaint from a viewer. This in response to invariably speaking about witte people where white people are concerned. Erik Mouthaan in particular has a (white) touch.


Bizarre response from RTL News on complaint about color obsession


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