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RTL4 spreads fake news about India

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Framing, changing photos or just writing nonsense, the media don't care anymore. We've seen it all.

Here RTL4 tries to convince you that people in India rub themselves with poo in order to get rid of corona or to protect themselves against it. They spin of an annually recurring tradition, the last festival was already months ago as in November, as a pathetic corona story.

What are we doing, guys?

Other media use the same videos from Gummatapura, but with the aim of making people feel guilty about it. Apparently the people in this village don't even have a clue of corona.

But RTL4 wants to scare you!

And the way it is disgusted.

Why? Because RTL4 is a criminal gang that turns against the people. The media has so much blood on their hands. First all the cremations that were shown and now  today RTL4 is treating you to this lie. The headline already ...

Doctors warn India: 'cow poo does not help against corona'

“No matter how sacred a cow is, the animal's excrement doesn't help against corona. Doctors in India are now giving a small group in the west of the country this warning every week in the hope of preventing an infection. ”

Just childish.

the video how people rub each other with shit and a highly trustworthy person who reports as, or on behalf of, "Doctors who say this does not help against corona".  Go. An item. What is this? What are we looking at? Which imbecile makes the link between corona and this spectacle? And what good is this to us?

Sorry, but how can we take this seriously? Those people do this laughing every year. Something they look forward to and RTL thinks we are small children.

These images from November do not really show people who adhere to the corona measures or who are involved in social distancing. That village is by no means comparable to our lives. RTL comes with purely made-up news.

They are lies.


Gorehabba Festival
















What we see are images from the Gorehabba festival. This festival will be a day after Diwali Balipadyami is celebrated in the small village of Gummatapura. (source)

This 2019 video explains that they believe it benefits the health of the inhabitants and some believe that everything in a cow is sacred.

During this festival (or ritual), cow dung is thrown together. It is what the villagers of Gummatapura, a hamlet on the Karnataka-Tamil Nadu border, have been doing for the past XNUMX+ years and these people are really not doing this to “fight corona”. (source)


The locals think their God, Beereshwara Swamy, was born in the excrement of a cow.

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This ritual recurs annually.

From the early morning, men, women and children begin to collect and dump cow dung from all over the village in a designated place, behind the Beerappa Temple.

Later, half-naked children go all over the village to get oil and butter for offering pooja in the temple.


After gathering the necessary oil and butter, they offer pooja at Karappa Temple which is about a kilometer away from Beerappa Temple.

When the pooja is finished, the villagers return in a procession. On the way back, one person is referred to as a Chadikora (sniper). He is then fixed with a mustache and beard of grass, seated on a donkey and taken to the temple in a procession. (source) (source)

Below you can see the last festival that was held in the third week of November 2020. This video is from November 18th.

From the above, RTL4 makes this:

Doctors warn India: 'cow poo does not help against corona'

Maybe the ladies and gentlemen of RTL should rub themselves well with their own poo and pee. Then they smell like their name. Sewer journalists.

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Corona, fakenews, fakenews, fakenews from the media

These channels are all the same.

The CNN gets caught here after a lie to a lie.

Also check out how CNN has political influence and is completely corrupt. Caught with the camera.

Their mission was to sell fear and Donald Trump had to leave the scene.

Not informing people, but trying to influence people's thinking.

CNN Admits on hidden camera to raising awareness of Propaganda.


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