Rudy Giuliani: A flamboyant figure

Rudy Giuliani has always been a beloved person in America.

Until he became Donald Trump's lawyer.

Just as Donald Trump has always been a beloved person in America, until he became President and turned the elite world upside down.

Mafia Commission Trial

Rudy Giuliani has had an impressive career and is best known for the Mafia Commission Trial (source) and his successful mayorship in New York.

This case against the Mafia ran from February 25, 1985 to November 19, 1986.

Rudy Giuliani sued 11 Mafia members, including the leaders of the so-called ' Five Families ' in New York City for extortion, labor extortion, and contract murder, among other things. Something that nobody dared at the time because you put your own life on the line.

The case was reported at the time by Time magazine The case of cases and almost all of America took over.

Nobody dared to tackle these leaders. But Rudy Giuliani, driven by his deep aversion to injustice and corruption, was the first to attack the infrastructure of organized crime. And with success.

Three heads of the Five Families were sentenced to 100 years in prison on January 13, 1987.

Two other leaders “escaped” the dance because they were murdered before their conviction. (source)

Other Mafia members received prison sentences ranging from 39 to 70 years.

Rudy risked his own life and was very aware of it, but he did not flinch.

According to an FBI memo revealed in 2007, the leaders of the Five Families voted in late 1986 whether or not to kill Rudy Giuliani.

Leaders Lucchese, Bonanno and Genovese rejected the idea, but the leaders of Colombo and Gambino: Carmine Persico and John Gotti, wanted Rudy dfood.

In 2014, it was revealed by a former Sicilian Mafia member and informant, Rosario Naimo, that Salvatore Riina, a notorious Sicilian Mafia leader, had ordered Giuliani to be murdered. (source)

John Gotti

Donald Trump's House Attorney

Rudy Giuliani is now Donald Trump's in-house attorney and has many cases still pending for his client. Among other things, against the Biden family, against the Clintons, cases about election fraud in America last November 2020 and there are, according to their own words, still big surprises that will show how thoroughly corrupt The Swamp is.

Not just people from the Democratic party. Also among the Republicans are corrupt career politicians who opt for self-interest over national interest.

People on the left of the political spectrum are now trying to ridicule this man for being clearly emotionally involved in this electoral fraud. But the real reason, of course, is because he is Donald Trump's lawyer.

We don't want to glorify Giuliani. Rudy likes to earn money (there is nothing wrong with that, by the way) and he is a smart lawyer. But his integrity and his aversion to injustice make him a special person. He is now 76 years old, but he is still nibbling with his own Common Sense show.



VIDEO: Rudy Giuliani. A flamboyant figure. 

This is his “Common Sense” channel on Youtube:

We have filed a lawsuit against Rudy Giuliani for stealing our name and the exact same font. Rudy admitted to being inspired by our channel. We value our chances of winning in this case.

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