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Waku Waku ruling in summary proceedings – Forced closure by mayor is justified

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Today the lawsuit took place. Harnessed by restaurant Waku Waku in Utrecht.

The restaurant was closed by order of the mayor due to not wanting to check the Corona QR pass.

hugo de Jonge did not agree with the opening. But hugo will soon be able to pack his bags. hugo doesn't care about anyone.

Get rid of your QR pass! Does that figure think we're crazy? Come to your senses. Open those tents. Massive, and total lack of this demonstrable nonsense that the courts really do not want. Know your rights!

hugo still talks about a pandemic that is nowhere to be found except in the minds of these corrupt globalists.

Go through the Netherlands! Go through catering and STOP CONTROLLING the people coming in. Register people who come for a beer or something to eat? Are you going to participate in that? Are you really that far gone?

What do you think the government can do when this ridiculous measure is ignored by the catering industry in the Netherlands?

No QR! You don't even have a phone. Maybe a Nokia 6210.

Don't be afraid of the consequences. They will be much more serious than if you are civilly obedient. The people are behind you. This is the time!

You as a catering industry have been screwed and are now being screwed even harder. If you allow it, you do it yourself. The people are ready to stand up for you. Respect that. They do it for you. To prevent your downfall.

STOP! There is absolutely no support or reason for these absurd measures. Nothing! A “virus” with a mortality rate where no one under 70 can die and people over 70 with other conditions are at the same risk as always has been with flu viruses. between 0.15% and 0.22%. And the influenza is gone. Understand that it was never about public health. It was and is about complete control over humanity.

No one, absolutely no one can argue with this.

So: stop it! All Dutch. STOP following corona measures. Take back your dignity and don't be fooled and tricked.

summary judgment



Spread the freedom!

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