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Mark Rutte: "I am not a dictator!"

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Dear people,

I am a man who woke up, as you call it, around the turn of the millennium.

With all the scorn and backlash that you can receive from the immediate environment. Fortunately, usually of short duration, as those who make fun of you usually do not care about the 'hidden' things and usually only have a short 'tension'.

I never felt the need to go out further (outside of my immediate environment).

The Rutte III cabinet has changed that.

All of you gave me a signal at one point or another that allowed me to keep a view of the beacon of light. However, like so many in this crisis, we feel alone in our thoughts.

In family, friends, colleagues. If there is someone who does not trust it, they do not dare to speak out. The Cabinet has achieved exactly the desired psychological effect.

But you guys, our work is more important than ever.

Hereby I have put together a clip following the press conference of August 6, in which Rutte repeatedly emphasized that he is not a dictator and that we do not live in a dictatorship in the Netherlands. There are now plenty of examples that indicate that things are going in the completely wrong direction. And then on Wednesday evening, August 12, the coalition will jointly leave the Chamber to frustrate democracy. How salty did you eat it. Very dubious regimes from the last century also used this tactic to gain or remain in power almost democratically (NSDAP / Pinochet / Mussolini).

That is why I have put together a video (with thanks for the images of CSTV), which gives a small summary of the past 5 months of Rutte III's politics.

A reference to the 2e world war is now undeniable. This with the hope of waking up the last deep sleepers before it is really too late.

As far as I am concerned, you may share / use the video in any way you see fit.

Greetings Jeroenymus.

Very much, Jeroenymus! Hereby!


PS: This video is not just sent to us. So the compliment from Jeroenymus is also intended for: Jensen, Virus Madness, Weltschmerz, NineForNews, BondOverheidszaken, Janet Ossebaard and Sven Hulleman.

Channel Jeronymous for more videos:

Spread the freedom!

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