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By Tom Zwitser
In a very brutal way, investigative journalist, word artist and blue tiger Rypke Zeilmaker was hit by six police cars near Leiden last night, where his car was destroyed, a window smashed and he was made harmless with pepper spray. Subsequently, he was severely beaten on the street and has traces of glass shards in his hands and arms.

The reason: The police wanted to 'just' take Zeilmaker's DNA because he did not respond to the call to hand over his DNA at the office in Leeuwarden. According to the law, every suspect in the Netherlands must hand in his DNA and Zeilmaker has refused to do so until now. Without conviction, your DNA already in a database of the government (and therefore also in those of the USA and Israel) is downright state terror. This practice must therefore come to an end: the mandatory DNA delivery for unconvicted people is the start of an opaque maze of artificial charges, severe police brutality and creates enormous opportunities to cobbled together fake evidence.

Last year, Rypke was just as violently knocked down in-house and gagged away because he dared to name and shame an official on the internet and 'threaten' it in a playful way - all clearly with a wink, but also he denounced the totally corrupt operation of this official. Even then he was detained for a day and for a long time bore the traces of serious abuse.

Sailmaker is now stuck on a desk in Leiden and would be released today. As citizens, we will not leave this serious act of state terror unanswered. The whole world will know what happens in the name of the king to innocent civilians who denounce wrongdoing, corruption and crime within the government and refuse to be treated as criminals. This entire state apparatus will have to be dismantled and punished both the commanders and operatives of this regime that carries out the detention, ill-treatment and torture of nonviolent civilians without difficulty.

We will also have to ask whether we still have anything to do with so-called 'allies' in parliament. Are they there for themselves, or for your and our freedom? Why are they always so quiet?


Follow the live broadcast about Rypke's arrest and release from 15:45 PM:

Huig Plug LIVE # 39 and the arrest & release of investigative journalist Rypke Zeilmaker


Earlier arrest of Rypke Zeilmaker last year:

Rypke Zeilmaker arrested!


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