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Sabotage Kappie Heijn, go to

Spread the freedom!

If you walk into the Appie from December 1 without a mouth mask, you will not be stopped.

You will be fined by an enforcer.

According to an employee of Albert Heijn customer service.

They say CANNOT the police will call for it face masks policy but there will probably be a few nice customers who will take on the job, should there be no boa in the shop by the way during the offense.

But sensible people think in terms of solutions, not problems.

Be creative.

Print the text of Hugo de Jonge or van de National government out and laminate it.

Then you have a pass that you can conjure up at will!

But officially you don't even need to have a pass or proof with you if you want to enter a public space without the mandatory mouth mask.

The advice for people with a disability or chronic illness it says they just don't wear a cap, according to

They need this no doctor's certificate or otherwise show it to the enforcer or porter.

A verbal report is sufficient to continue.

If you just never want to set foot in the Albert Heijn again out of hatred, you can now get your groceries at one of the many shops that refuse take their customers' breath away.

On the website Breathe Free With Me you can find all kinds of shops where you do not need a mask from the shopkeeper.

Other service providers have also signed up to this marketplace for people who want to breathe.

Such as hairdressers and handymen.

Has a store or business? Fill in the long list with the name of your company and STEAL THE CUSTOMERS from Albert Heijn!

Breathe Free With Me is the place where you can offer your services to people who want to breathe freely while purchasing your services and who want to see your whole face when you do your job.

Breathe Free With Me is the place where you can indicate that people in you shop of practice Breathe in complete freedom and be welcome to smile and chat at each other.

Breathe Vrij Bij Mij is the place where you can still exchange services and products in a human way. Find the product provider or service you need and visit or make an appointment!

Breathe Free With Me

Spread the freedom!

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