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Sad politics, wrong performers

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Anyone who wants something new or something better will first have to name and demonstrate all the misery of the present in order to indicate why something must change.

Take our polity, which we massively wrongly call democratic. Calmly call it anti-democratic, because there is no superlative name for undemocratic. That's quite a bold statement, but I'll show it.

The Chamber is upset about slow corona vaccination (AD 18 Dec.). Apart from the usefulness and any (side) effects, there is rightly irritation. After all, the neighboring countries will start this year, Hugo de Jonge does not want to rush to work, taking all due care criteria into account. On the basis of what expertise does this completely incompetent minister say this? He has a couple of vets with a course in virology, some of which have direct interests in mass inoculation, a few more who have walked into the past two decades as lobbyists, oh sorry, advisers.

These fat guys also had months to roll out a logistics plan, because months ago with their eyes closed and their ears covered, millions of under-tested vaccines were purchased.

They also implicitly suggest that the Germans, Belgians and British are apparently unprepared and irresponsibly already taking a hurried gamble.

If one Hugo de Jonge, completely ignorant in the medical field, has also let the logistical job go wrong and nevertheless wants to radiate the conviction that he can be an extremely capable future prime minister, but in the meantime has let the CDA down in the polls, is the legitimate question with which this man is so busy. He seems to be busy 24/7. By which? Or is this modern indication of time a distraction to avert a debacle for the CDA without losing face? And thus leaving the CDA in a split by acting as party leader, mind you: to stop in the interest of the country if 1e husband of the CDA. After all, Hoekstra is and was the dream candidate, but did not participate in the leaders election, in which Pieter Omtzigt achieved an honorable 2 with art and flying work.e place (thanks to his wife who unknowingly voted for Hugo). All four of them, together with Volendam Mona, are completely unsuitable for any administrative task. Not one of this quartet has professional knowledge, skills and experience for any department.

Of a completely different order, but just as bad, if not much worse, is the sad soap about the benefits affair. The respective finance ministers have proven their incompetence, at the expense of a lot of financial, but also emotional misery for thousands of people. It was not a lost mistake that struck a few, it is more like a strategic plan to give unsuspecting citizens a tremendous emotional guilt on top of a gigantic financial disaster. Where previously many people in Groningen were placed in an embarrassing way between the cracks in the cold, the tax authorities went a step further with the benefits parents. The fact that the tax top has structurally made mistakes several times should be enough to get various heads rolling. But politics did nothing or was not allowed to do anything. The real bosses, (the top civil servants with the professional jerks like there are the party-political ministers as their servants) did not reach out for years, with enormous misery as a result, whereby even an unjustified prison sentence for one of the administrators or childcare providers became a reality. .

When will the citizens wake up and realize that career politicians are not there for the citizens and their interests, but only for their party, their own ambitions for after politics and their wallets.

After the introduction of AS (.https: // all this is really no longer possible. If a member of government makes a mistake in this new system, he or she will immediately be dismissed, for party political reasons it does not have to be kept out of the wind. People like Rutte, De Jonge, Wiebes, Grapperhaus, Slob, Ollongren and all those others would have had no chance within an AS system. People like Pieter Omtzigt and Renske Leijten could well be representatives of the people, if they could function completely independently of party political games and strangling fraction discipline. These two put the allowance on the agenda after lawyer Eva Gonzáles Pérez brought the case.

But when Pieter wanted to explode the case against Joris Demmink, he was summoned by an angry and roaring Buma, sent by our state-male Prime Minister Rutte, and silenced completely. That would never have happened to Pieter if he had been allowed to function within the AS system. This is the reason that he should never not be the leader of the CDA. Pieter has been muzzled, without being protected against any kind of flu.

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