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Salvini received as a hero in Belgium!

Matteo Salvini visited Antwerp on Monday, where he was invited by the European ID group, which also includes Vlaams Belang.

After a long search, we see that no Dutch press has adopted this.

The fraction Identity and Democracy unites nine right-wing populist parties, including the Italiaanse Alloy, Vlaams Belang from Belgium, the French Rassemblement National and the German AfD.

Salvini's speech lasted more than 20 minutes in the newly renovated Antwerp Trade Fair.

During his speech, Matteo Salvini congratulated Vlaams Belang on their glorious victory in the past elections. These were on the same day as the European Elections.

These were the results for both the national and European elections last May.









"The leftists are the real racists!" Thus Salvini lashes out at the elite of Europe. "They are racist towards the Flemish and the Italians."

“We have been working very well together for a long time. And if it is not today, it will be tomorrow but Vlaams Belang will come to power in Flanders and our Lega in Italy! "

Salvini also called on all populist and nationalist parties to recognize that they have one enemy together.

Salvini mentioned left-wing politicians, the mainstream media, the banks and all members of the various elites the biggest problem is humanity.

"All these people together are out to make Europe one big shopping center." Salvini continued, "Without an identity!"

 “As soon as we get back into government, we'll stop those boats. The left always says they are peaceful, but they are dangerous for the indigenous population and the real refugees. They are the racists! ”

That Salvini will return to the Italian government is probably only a matter of when. During the elections in the left stronghold Umbria Salvini booked a monster victory. Where the Italians least expected it.
Salvini conquers left stronghold

Salvini ended his speech with:

“We are the only ones who love Europe”, referring to all other common sense parties in Europe.

The Italian population is furious with the new government that is bringing in migrants again as if they are hot sandwiches. For those who still doubt whether Salvini is still popular in Italy:


Gerolf Annemans from Vlaams Belang thought it was a fantastic evening, despite the far-left demonstrators and Antifa wanted to turn it into a war zone again.

Annemans: “I will never forget it in the beginning. Already after five minutes Geert Wilders and I looked at each other. We knew immediately. This man is going to write European history. ”


This is what the Flemish newspaper HLN writes about the arrival of Salvini:






Extreme left and Antifa on the street in Antwerp:

Fortunately we know better. These are leaders who really want the best for European citizens and our continent of Europe!

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I give my life for you and Italy!


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