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Saturn and Pluto caused corona

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"It's written in the stars" is a well-known saying, but it's more than a saying. Astrologer Judith Zeeman saw the situation we are in right now from afar. On Radio Glacier she tells that it is all the fault of Saturn and Pluto, who are challenging each other and that is causing chaos on Earth.

Judith gave a crash course in Astrology on Radio Glacier. How do you read a birth chart? What are the characteristics of the planets in our solar system and what is the connection with our chakra system? When will the ninth (according to Judith the eleventh) planet be discovered and what does that have to do with consciousness? Many aspects are discussed, including corona. The planet Saturn, which deals with structure, is as it were broken down and rebuilt by Pluto.

Judith: 'When you think of Pluto, you think of a metamorphosis that is so transpersonal and transgenerational, that is for the history books. It takes time for the change to happen, but it's a total cultural split. A total change of both our beliefs and how we live together. It is actually opening to the higher, transpersonal knowledge.'

Despite the fact that astrology is much more about interpretation than about predicting the future, she foresaw that big things would be set in motion early in 2020. Exactly how such a thing will manifest on Earth is always a surprise. However, the end is not yet in sight: Judith foresees that these chaotic times will continue until 2024.

That's written in the stars.

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