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Save the farmer!

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If in 10 years the 2030 Agenda has been successful and the sustainable development goals have been introduced, our food supply will look completely different. All the farmers are gone and our food will be delivered from megafarms from far away countries. The supermarkets are then full of Bayer/Monsanto food, infused with toxic glyphosate. Rich people with sufficient social credit points can buy meat or cultured meat, the lower caste can limit to insects. We will then all be locked up in our smart sustainable cities, far from the greenery and our food supply.

All this is announced in beautiful disguising words in the sustainable development plans of the World Economic Forum.

However, farmers in the Netherlands have been feeling for years how the noose around the neck is slowly but surely being tightened. In the context of this 2030 agenda, they must be destroyed, that has become clear by now. The farmers therefore have to deal with a permanent anti-peasant propaganda.

As soon as the farmers show some resistance, the usual media tricks are used to stop the resistance. The state jester Arjan Lubach is usually open to some lies and also not afraid to ridicule farmers.

Lubach doesn't take it too closely with the truth anyway. He was the first to hammer in the 1.5 meter measure around Corona, for which there was no scientific evidence. He also meekly proclaims the climate religion, without any substantiation or knowledge of the facts.

The fact that he can sometimes be funny in the background thanks to good writers does not make him reliable in his statements. Arjan is employed by Irene van Brekel, and Irene is working again with Kasja Ollongren. The fact that the media and the state are constantly in bed with each other has also been mentioned before by Martin Bosma. 

The billionaires behind the World Economic Forum are benefiting from the downfall of farmers so that the SDG goals can be implemented and their own businesses and power expanded. They therefore support groups that have an interest in the demise of farmers.

An example of a club that would like to see the farmers disappear is the TAPP coalition. Recently there was another letter from the TAPP coalition called 'Make meat more expensive' to which de Volkskrant was enthusiastic had to report. 

The real motivation is that the participants of the TAPP coalition Earning themselves by making meat more expensive so that their own products such as meat substitutes are better placed on the market. To disguise their true reasons, they give the motivation for the meat tax that they are doing this to save the climate and improve health.

However, there is no scientific research that conclusively proves that eating meat unhealthy whether plant-based food is healthier or has an impact on the climate.

Due to the increase in the world population, the demand for meat always remains high and there is no justification for reducing meat production if the Dutch decide to eat less meat. There will be sufficient sales, if we don't do it, other countries will do it, which are less concerned with animal welfare.

The report of the TAPP coalition is signed by many of the usual suspects. These are professional climate rescuers who could only make a career all their lives because there are many subsidies to be won with this hype.

For example, one of the signatories was Pier Veilinga, a professional liar, who not too close takes with claims about sea level rise.

Also can Jan Rotmans of course not missing from the list, a mathematician dreamer who believes he with climate models can predict the weather in 30 years.

Jan Rotmans is also not averse to collecting money from gambling addicts to pay for his climate hobby. He has with postcode lottery money his action club Urgenda litigate to save the climate. D66 judges participated enthusiastically. Thanks to Urgenda and D66 judges, the state has committed itself to “protect the lives of citizens in the Netherlands”. Although the Dutch can tolerate a 40-degree difference between summer and winter, the Dutch must now be protected against windmills with tens of billions of euros in windmills. 0.0007 degrees warming. The case law surrounding witch burning in the Middle Ages had a stronger foundation than the ruling of these judges.

Even in North Korea and dark Africa they look at the Netherlands, shaking their heads, where we are massively concerned about basic elements such as nitrogen and CO2, the most innocent building blocks from nature. However, smoking, obesity, air pollution and clean drinking water, matters in which profit can be made, receive little attention.

The Volkskrant is also full of bought journalists such as Maarten Keulemans, Mac van Dinther and Pieter Hotse Smit who proclaim climate and EU religion. It is also not very surprising that de Volkskrant trumpets these sounds, because de Volkskrant is owned by Mediahuis. The owners of Mediahuis again have direct ties with the EU and they want to get rid of more EU and farmers.

This Volkskrant has with a recent article van Mac van Dinther on the meat tax once again show that it is an extension of the EU. As a restaurant critic, Van Dinther already had 20 years of experience in how you can make you pay to eat.

De Volkskrant shamelessly writes that more than 80 percent of the greenhouse gas emissions from our food come from animal products. This is pseudoscience and worrying about nothing in so many ways that it's almost laughable. Firstly, the CO2 level is still eight times lower than in the Jurassic period of the earth's glory, when the earth was really green and animals and plants were twice as large as they are now.

Furthermore, animals mainly emit methane, with a much shorter half-life than CO2. Methane is compared to CO2 in no time recorded again by plants and grass.

Keulemans van de Volkskrant also has in the Corona crisis proven have no objection to being able to tell the truth mercilessly rape. He does it again about nitrogen policy thinly over.

(For a more scientific and nuanced approach to nitrogen, I can recommend this interview or  this site of Rob de Vos.)

Despite all the state propaganda by Lubach, de Volkskrant and Urgenda, most  Dutch still behind the farmers.

However, the Dutchman must realize that under the Kaag-Schouten regime the farmers will not survive much longer. Slowly but surely, many farmers are giving up and farms that have been in the family for generations are becoming sold to natural monuments and then to climate traders. Every week about 20 farmers and horticulturists stop working, bankrupt or tired.

If we as Dutch people want to continue to eat meat and food from our own soil, it is now time to support Dutch farmers. Caroline van de Plas of BBB does her best and makes a good first impression. She could, however, put in a little more effort to connect. Jan Huzen, who had many farmers behind him and organized good campaigns, did she lose weight. At this time, we must get over minor differences of opinion and support those who stand up for the farmers.

Good initiatives that are recommended is, for example, the telegram group Get it Local. One way for farmers to survive is if we all become more aware of the need for local food and are willing to walk a little further than the Albert Heijn nearby. Let us be especially grateful to the farmers for the food they produce for us and let us make a little effort to let them survive. If the build back better regime continues to roll out, harsh winters could follow. You might be very happy with a farmer in the backyard instead of a windmill. What are you wearing 0.0003 degree cooling with solar panels if you can't feed your children?

The next time the farmers protest, I'll be by their side. We won't let Kaag and Schouten, evil witches with their reign of terror, take our food, will we?

Spread the freedom!

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