Scandal in The Hague: Old article to refresh your memory.

Some history / background information to the article:

to give some more clarity and why Huig so often links the name Demmink.

Below art. is an older art. from 2013

An important explosive political scandal in the Netherlands. The story behind it is so filthy and the cover-up of the Dutch government so energetic, that its widespread publicity could lead to the International Court of Justice, the main judicial body of the United Nations, leaving The Hague.

The court building is an imposing building in a gated, park-like environment, where 15 judges live. Nearby, amid more Gothic architecture, is the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice.

In weak Dutch political language, a ministry website states that their thousands of employees “are working towards a safer, fairer society by offering people legal protection and intervening in their lives where necessary. … The law is about people. “

This high-hat statement comes from a Justice Department that until recently was led by an alleged sexual predator - Joris Demmink. The silent, balding, bespectacled bachelor was Secretary General of the Ministry of Security and Justice and Commander of the National Police until his retirement at age 65, with full benefits and official praise at a lavish dinner just four months ago .

OM sees nothing in prosecution of former CEO Joris Demmink | News |

Demmink was one of the highest law enforcement officers in the Netherlands for thirty years, a perfect position to keep his alleged hobby of harassing young boys a secret, sometimes as part of an organized group of EU pedophiles.

A resolution pending on Capitol Hill would ban Demmink from ever entering the United States and move the International Court of Justice from the Netherlands.

However, Demmink is a friend of the powerful, including the Dutch royal family. Queen Beatrix's personal lawyer is particularly close to Demmink. He and the royal family should be aware of the detailed allegations dating back to the 14s, when Demmink was Director General of International Affairs and Immigration for the Netherlands and charged with raping a XNUMX-year-old homeless child in Turkey.

Demmink affair is about to explode! Maarr .. -

Demmink is said to have hunted poor and homeless boys in the Netherlands and other EU countries, notably Turkey, for years, using the power and advantages of his elite office: limousines, bodyguards, drivers and police officers to procure boys for sexual use .

There have been some strong calls to investigate Demmink, including a multi-page resolution asking the United States to support the removal of the International Court of Justice from The Hague. The resolution is a catalog of horrors, detailing the alleged molestation of three boys.

Bontes: does Turkish dismissal cover all reports against Demmink? - Catholic Newspaper

A videotaped statement by a Turkish police officer, Mehmet Korkmaz, who was responsible for security during Demmink's three visits to Istanbul between 1995 and 1997, said he had been ordered to pick up young "street boys" and take them to Demmink. for sexual abuse.

The Dutch embassy in Washington says there is no evidence of these allegations. This is not surprising, as neither the young boys, nor the police officers, nor INTERPOL officers have ever been interviewed by the Dutch authorities.

Article written by Richard W. Carlson. Tucker Carlson's father

The Hohenzollern Case File - Royalty Magazine Tucker Carlson 2020 (cropped) .jpg

Richard Tucker

Richard W. Carlson is a former US Ambassador to the Seychelles and the former Director of Voice of America.


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