Science of a layman

Science of a layman

Scientific researchers could often have obtained their right very cheaply from logically thinking laymen.

Here is a quote from De Volkskrant: “Dutch primary school students made 'little or no progress' in the months that the schools were closed due to corona. Children of low-educated parents scored the worst. " End quote.
This is a conclusion of Oxford University researchers after some analysis.
Boy, what a blinding eye-opener. For a crate of Corona beer, I could have sent this sentence to the MSM, including the John de Mol media park.

Even Diederik Stapel was ashamed of this. (Just a short Stapel reminder: Professor of social psychology Diederik Stapel regularly presented research results without research and built up world fame). Fact-checkers who don't remember for a moment often revert to the following desperate question: "Where's the scientific evidence?" Only then are they satisfied. Stapel could have wound an awful lot of truth seekers around a middle finger with a wet thumb.

But, suppose - I say emphatically - the truth seekers could have scored four crates of Corona beer for the price of three from the brochure of a grocer, then I could have come up with three more wisdoms in one go.

1 Mouth masks do not work. It offers false security. Any handy craftsman can sew a mouth cap together, without complying with any prescription. A condition (without this being legally regulated, but pleasant for the wearer) is that you can continue to breathe with such a symbolic muzzle. What you breathe in doesn't matter (though?), But viruses are 100% there. During the exhalation, the same viruses fly in all directions. Even our national veterinarian who, after a LOI course, allows himself to be called a virologist, continues to ring around without a mouth cap that the strapping of all expensive to Action cloths is nonsense.

2 The PCR tests can be permanently packed back to be recycled into cotton buds. Those virus traitors don't work. Fact-checkers will immediately climb the barricades asking where scientific papers can be found regarding the safety of those cotton buds 2.0, but that aside. Even the inventor of those silly things indicates that the corona hysterics should not contaminate their hands with this. Those bitches will also test you positive if you passed some Covid-19 viruses through your mucous membranes months ago. Even ordinary flu viruses seem to have a positive effect on those nasal pickers. Any mix-ups of DNA and RNA would produce many wrong results. But look at how negative can quickly become positive. Football clubs have positively tested players tested again a few days later and what a divine interception - yes, after all, also with various Ajax players - suddenly all negative and that is positive again: so go with that banana ball.
My test result for my third crate of Corona beer: bars do not work. Abolish.

3 Very different: the Pope. The ecclesiastical supreme shepherd Francis is a rascal of the caliber of Willem Alexander. I can effortlessly demonstrate this comparison scientifically for an entire crate.
Traditionally, we believe in two certainties: god is otherworldly and infallible, his sidekick below is the substitute for his son and also infallible. My, or anyone else's god, how chosen we are, intensely happy. The Pope as puppet of the boss above is equal to all other creatures. He and all kid-friendly? submissive church servants, the priests, blankets, sheets, and bedspreads are to stand up for the ecclesiastical sheep. Are one with them, even in tolerable poverty and unbearable misery. Nice is not it. If you are not yet, you would spontaneously become church without a missionary drivel.

Until it was recently announced that a high-ranking Vatican church leader was fired because a shoddy 20 million (let this get through!) Had been stolen from the papal savings account.
Funny detail: if Saint Francis has not even missed this amount all this time, how much more does he have in his account (s)?
How does a poor popi jopi sloeber get so rich? Just ask our national orange apple of the eye Willempie Lex, he will not miss a million or 20, but sharing his possessions with the subjects is a speedboat too far, as it does not pass the scepter in Rome.
What I earn my fourth crate with is the 'scientific' thesis that no one can become a multi-millionaire in an honest, hard-working way. Papie F. and Wimpie A. have never worked calluses on their money-gathering claws anywhere.

When my four crates are empty, I will sign up for a new stock, streetwise proven evidence enough! Avoid the scientists, join me!

Rients Hofstra

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