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Murder Quartet – Hooton, Kaufman, Morgenthau, Nizer: German must kaputt

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Author: Leslie Alexis

Roosevelt's Murder Quartet: Earnest A.Hooton, Henry J.Morgenthau, Theodore N.Kaufmann, Louis Nizer

Last time you were able to read what Beer van der Put wrote about the genocide in Ukraine.

Today in part 4 of this CSTV serial we are finally going to talk about it Hooton Plan and three other elaborate scripts for the mentally disturbed: Hooton, Kaufman, Morgenthau and Nizer, in which they reveal their fantasies about the extermination of German people.

Roosevelt was ready. You too?

How do you make a people disappear?

Part 4: Roosevelt's Murder Quartet: Earnest A.Hooton, Henry J.Morgenthau, Theodore N.Kaufmann, Louis Nizer



Earnest Albert Hooton was a Jewish-American physical anthropologist known for his work on racial classification and his popular writings such as the books "Up From The Ape" and "Apes, Men, Morons."
He also wrote poems and drew cartoons.



In 1927, Hooton's 'Committee on the Negro', among other things, conducted comparative studies with young monkeys and Afro-American babies and came to all sorts of debatable and contradictory racist conclusions.

As can be read in his findings published ten years later in The American Journal of Physical Anthropology.
Black people would be more likely to commit crime and be closer to 'the primates' than apes.

Hooton thought that all people are free and equal dumb pronunciation:



He was also a staunch advocate of sterilization for the insane, the sick and criminals, but he considered it unjust to link forms of 'degeneration' to race.

Earnest Hooton was one of the first to devise rigorous arithmetic models to characterize races.



In 1943, Earnest Hooton wrote an article, the Hooton Plan, which he published in Peabody Magazine on April 1, 1943. Under the title 'Breed the war gene out of the Germans'.

In his plan, "how do i let a people to disappear', he explained that the German people, through a dish breeding program, should bring less aggressive offspring into the world.

Earnest argued that 'helping improve' the German form of government, norms, values, religious experience, economy and the education of German children is not ENOUGH and that drastic BIOLOGICAL MEASURES had to be taken to improve the psychological, spiritual, mental and moral qualities. of the Germans improve.

World history (see part 3) ignoring Hooton claimed that the German people are bellicose and aggressive and that is why he wanted the Germans crosses with 'peace-loving peoples'.

After this, within a few generations, the Germans should be so peace-loving that they would never start a world war again.

As few German infants as possible were allowed to be born and also through Germany vol to run with immigrants would drastically increase the number of white Germans Reduce.



Hooton envisioned the predatory the tendency out of the Germans to breed and the State of Germany had to Broken to the, according to him, German 'devil's circle' break through or at least neutralize it.

All this is described in Hooton's article that was republished on October 10, 1943
In the New York Times and several times elsewhere.



Mass Immigration is described in the Hooton plan as a genetically en biological weapon against Germans and other white peoples in western white countries.

Step 1 : All Nazis should be executed. Officers from the German army are banned for life abroad.

Stap 2: Other Germans are being sent to other countries for at least 20 years work put. Possibly they may, only after good conduct, there with a native wife marry.
Fathers who already have a family have been allowed in Germany never more return to Germany.
This is because of the birth rate of the 'pure German' to lower. According to the literal words of the Jewish anthropologist.

Stap 3: Germany is partitioned and placed under the control of the Allies, in order to "dismantle the national structure of the collective German aggression" break'.

Stap 4: Allies allowed to go to Germany occupy, are encouraged to interact with Duitse to marry women andsettle down' in Germany.
In addition, the colonization of Germany and the migration promoted to Germany by mainly African and mainly male to admit immigrants into Germany.






Earnest Hooton has also contributed to UNESCO's'The Race Question Statement'. A document from 1950 stating the characteristics of racisme and what does and does not fall under the heading of racism. People who liked the contents of this document determine are, in addition to anthropologist Earnest Hooton, sociologist Morris Ginsberg, psychologist Otto Klineberg, anthropologist Claude Lévi Strauss, anthropologist Ashley Montagu, physician Gunnar Dahlberg, geneticist Hermann Joseph Muller, and geneticist Curt Stern.

Before Hooton came up with his plan, he also thought Theodor Newman Kaufman a 'permanent peace plan' for our Eastern neighbors.

In his thin, 96-page booklet from 1941, entitled 'GERMANY MUST PERISH', this businessman writes about the 'German barbarians and racists', who have to cede German territory to neighboring countries.

Meanwhile, this sociable thought that WWII was not the fault of Hitler, but of the whole German people. Immediate action had to be taken:

'All Germans have to pay for this. Their total ruin as payment!'.



He wanted the death penalty German people, but did not find it practical to 70 million Germans against the wall have to put.
He also called this 'unethical'.

So what did Kaufman think was sufficiently ethical and practical?

In the last chapter, 'Death to Germany', Theodor comes more closely 'to the point'.

'An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a life for a life'. Thus the revenge plan.

Germans are described by Theodor Kaufman as "homicidal maniacs'.

They should be exterminated through sterilization instead of 'dying by the sword', which Theodor Kaufmann thought was 'more humane'.

The procedure is painless and after a few minutes the men can start working again work set'.

Not a speck in the air, according to the purport of his story.


70 miljoen Germans would pass 20.000 doctors sterile must be made by the medical procedure called sterilization.

Kaufman stated: “Hitler is a rosebud by comparison”.




'To hinder Germans in their reproduction, this innocent, simple intervention offers a solution. The operation is practical, humane and thorough.
The patients will not be maimed as a result of this.'


'All German men would enter three maanden 'assisted'can be', the plan reads.

'Sterilization is less taxing than a vaccination and not as bad as pulling a tooth.
The remedy is almost ideal to of it 'Germanismus' virus to get rid of'. So writes Theodor Kaufman.

Kaufman estimated that German women inside three Year could become finished.

'So that not a single drop' German blood will remain'. According to the planned plan.

Purely natural and healthy resistance to these plans is immediately suppressed with terms such as 'xenophobia, racism, anti-Semitism and diversity.

But it is evident that certain people always do themselves what they say is always done to them.



The boy in the video below says he is ashamed to have the same surname as Kaufman and explains the plans succinctly. He especially tracks everybody to delve into this matter!



United States Secretary of the Treasury Morgenthau wrote a plan that came to 25 miljoen Germans the starvation had to die.



In his plan, he wrote that German territory should be divided into three parts and the arms industry and dependent sectors razed to the ground in order to eliminate Germany's ability to "wage war".



The Jewish-German Morgenthau, his grandparents came from Mannheim, also wanted other German factories and, for example, mines on a large scale destroy.

Farmland would be annexed and millions Germans would go to Africa Worden deported to be there as forced laborer to get started.

The plan was published by the American press in September 1944.

But this made it moral of German troops during WWII jacked up.
The big headlines about the anti-Germany plan encouraged them especially door to go with fight.



Secretary of State Hull was stunned and outraged at Morgenthau's "unimaginable intrusion" on Foreign Affairs.

Hull told President Franklin D. Roosevelt the plan will kill thousands of American soldiers as the Germans dig into the 'last ditch' trenches inspired were touched by the hateful lyrics of Henry Morgenthau junior.


German soldiers in trenches, October 1943. Velikiye Luki, Soviet Union


Hull got all upset about the plan, which he'the plan of blind revenge' mentioned, and began to suffer from insomnia (insomnia) and eating disorders.
He was hospitalized for this.
Later, Cordell Hull resigned for health reasons.
The anecdote goes that this was because of 'the Morgenthau business'.



President Roosevelt however, was ecstatic about Morgenthau's plan. He even suggested feeding the Germans just a cup of soup from a soup kitchen only three times a day.

"To make them remember the war for the rest of their lives."

He also wanted to gain the favor of Joseph Stalin by approving the Morgenthau plan.
Stalin, who personally had no problem defusing Germany, saw the repair fees and German forced laborers with a smile.



In a letter Roosevelt wrote to Queen Wilhelmina on August 26, 1944, he stated that he was not bloodthirsty, but that he now wanted to punish and eliminate the Germans once and for all:

“I am not bloodthirsty, I want the Germans to know that this time at least they have definitely lost the war.”

Roosevelt had a glass of it with Wilhelmina in London.

Henry Morgenthau defended his plan by stating that, except for God's Paradise, forced labor in the countryside is the most most beautiful is that there is and, moreover, healthier than working in the Ruhr area. He also claimed to use it to prevent World War III.

Minister of Defence Henry Stimson was afraid that the plan would provoke heavy retaliation from the Germans, which would culminate in a new war.




Since one Harry White, the assistant van Morgenthau, as he himself was Jewish, Stimson labeled the Morgenthau plan as "the jewish revenge plan'.



There were rumors that Harry White was a Russian spy who was secretly pushing the Morgenthau plan on behalf of Stalin.
But here are no evidence found.

After investigation, former president concluded Herbert Hoover that the Morgenthau Plan was difficult to implement and would result in a starvation for at least 25 miljoen Germans.




But Roosevelt didn't care. The ware The reason that the plan did not go through was that the elections were imminent.
Roosevelt's Opponent, Governor Thomas Dewey, the news about the Morgenthau Plan seized the opportunity to credit Democrat Roosevelt for all the plan-related and dead American soldiers in Europe.
The Republicans also started firing sharply at the plan.
After this, Franklin Roosevelt distanced himself from the starvation plan.

In 1945 Morgenthau brought his damn plan in book form entitled: 'Germany is our Problem'.



Lawyer of the rich and famous Louis Nizer also hatched a few ideas about how and why the German population should best make their own way as laboratory animals.



Nizer begins his book "What to Do with Germany" (1944) by describing extensive sterilization as an option.
He fills entire chapters discussing the various existing repopulation and depopulation plans for Germany.



You can read Nizer's complete book here:



In defense of Nizer and to 'debunk' all kinds of 'memes' on the internet about him, we cannot fail to mention that Louis Nizer sterilization en to breed NOT A GOOD IDEA with migrants.

He liked it'not the right one' to pass and simply impossible to make a 'aggression gene' evolve away through the mix of Duitse women with other the RASS.
After all, aggression is not tied to a particular race and also no biological characteristic, according to Nizer.

The Jewish-American trial attorney and senior partner of the law firm Phillips, Nizer, Benjamin, Krim & Ballon saw it banned from Germans to other countries like the to spread of a contagious disease all over the world over which one has no control.
According to him, it is a mistake to assume that Germans will lose their constructive skills and 'skills' once they are separated as a group.

Germany had to according to Nizer sovereignty give up and the German industry to help did he find a'must', but he described dividing the country as pointless since Germany original originated from different parts and, moreover, deliberately driving Germans apart makes them all the more preferable unit want to form a fist to be able to make.

The in the 'Guinness Book of Records' Louis Nizer, having been the highest paid lawyer in the world for a time, wanted to profile himself politically by coming up with a proposal to allow 150.000 Nazis without notable process to execute.
He did not consider an extensive trial necessary, because there were more than enough witness statements and recht in Nizer's view, a reply was therefore a superfluous luxury.



The Hollywood lawyer of, among others, Salvador Dali, Charlie Chaplin and Mae West was convinced that
the best way to see a country onder control to keep is by the youth te brainwash.



Re-education by means of entertainment, like music en Hollywood movies also achieves the intended results, says Nizer in his book.














Brutal sterilization and vulgar breeding was unnecessary for Nizer, because Louis believed that a 'correct upbringing' and a 'goal-oriented education' the same in the end end product will yield if depopulation en surrounding:

All the old thought and idea patterns of the German people, including the German one norms and values ​​system, will become erased en substitute by new ones.

Stap 1. The German education system must complete Worden abolished. The German education system is just as dangerous as the German ammunition factories.

Stap 2. The Switch off van all wrong teachers should not be left to the Germans themselves.

Stap 3. The German education system must be completely substitute be through a educational offensive, below supervision of an international governing body.

Stap 4. All German professors associated with Universities must substitute be by Democrats en liberals.
If necessary, an international selection place.

Stap 5. The new 'democratic culture' is made using elk conceivable instrument orchestrated.
The film industry plays an important role in this.

Stap 6. The new education system aims to German children liberals to make.

After reading this article, the question may arise:
Is Immigration Population?
Is overpopulation genocide?
Does planned brainwashing through reeducation equal eradication?

The German Criminal Code says the following about this:


On purpose a nation, an ras, an religie of ethnicity wholly or partially Broken to make.

1) Kill a member of that group.

2) Inflict physical or psychological harm on any member of that group.

3) Force that group into certain living conditions designed to cause physical harm.

4) Violently turn a child from that group to another group.

5) Take measures to prevent births within that group.


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