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The nationwide second hard lockdown came into effect in Israel today. Prime Minister Netanyahu, hated by many Israelis for his corruption and annexations of Palestinian territory, says the lockdown 3 will take weeks.

With a speech on TV, he announced that schools, restaurants, hotels and shops must close.

People are required from 18 September within a radius of 500 meters from their home.

The lockdown coincides with Yom Kippur, which will be celebrated this year from September 27-28.

Orthodox Jews are not happy, the Day of Atonement is the most important day of the year for them, but for the believers no exception is made regarding the 500 meter rule.

According to WorldOmeter, corona infections in Israel were contracted from 63 cases in the sixth month of the year to 3.566 infected people 13-9-2020.

The past 24 hours came 5.238 corona patients. The health ministry reports that there are now a total 176.933 Israelis have covid19.

City buses are allowed 32 passengers and are required to open all windows during the ride.

You can only go to the beach if you can get there on foot.

You are not allowed to enter each other's homes without very good reason.

You can enter but with 10 people stay together, but that is allowed outside 20 persons.

With Yom Kippur, praying is allowed in the red zones where there are two entrances at the front 30 people may be admitted and any other entrance is allowed 20 people are admitted. Prayer is also allowed in the orange zones. 1 person per m2 may pray.

Exceptions to the 500 meter rule include:

Soldiers are allowed to walk anywhere and the Knesset (parliament building) may be visited by anyone who works there.

Blood donors may continue to donate their blood.

Funeral of circumcision may proceed.

From 23 September to 1 In October, people are allowed to leave their homes a little further to prepare for the Yom Kippur party.

People are obligated as much as possible 2 meter (6 feet 6) to keep their distance from each other.

The ultra-Orthodox Jews are often blamed in Israel for the rapid spread of the virus, they are also again during this lockdown disproportionately hard affected by the measures.



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