Series 'Building' Next up: WAPPIEZ Social

Last week we announced the new Wappiez concept to be built. In the coming period we will go through the 12 different parts of the Dutch social media platform, to see what exactly these parts embrace and why there is a need for them at the moment. The first we start with is Wappiez Social.

Wappiez Social

Censorship will continue to increase

With the change from a free society, in which ideas can be openly shared, to a society of limitations, there is also an increasing degree of censorship. The first noticeable censorship met us when the corona propaganda started to take off and the answer was soon given, namely the vaccines.

Hele studies were conducted to see how best to manipulate people and since then we have been dealing with corona censorship on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter on a daily basis.

Why we need our own platform

The height of the censorship likely came when then-incumbent President of the United States Donald Trump was removed from Twitter for allegedly spreading fake news. A demonstrable lie, of course, which was eagerly used to advance the liberal political agenda and the underlying financial conflicts of interest.

Recently we have had our elections in the Netherlands and we saw mainly censorship applied on YouTube, where videos censored of FvD'er Wybren van Haga in order to make the elections fall to the liberal side.

As we know the cooperating liberal liars have had a great victory and over the next 4 years we will have to prepare for circumstances that will continue to get worse for us.

However, what has also happened in the recent period is that an enormous amount of people have woken up and will be tooth and nail against the plans of this Build Back Better cabinet. As we take more and more initiatives to expose the lies of the globalists, they will be forced to silence us. For this reason we need our own social media platform.

Alternative social media platforms

Fortunately, there are currently a number of alternative social media platforms where freedom of expression is still respected. Platforms such as Parler, Gab and MeWe are American social media platforms where corona censorship is not yet applied, and Donald Trump is now also working on own social media platform to establish.

Perhaps you have already used such a platform for a while. And although these social media platforms are fun to follow American news, they fall short when it comes to following Dutch news. How many Dutch friends or interesting Dutch people also use these platforms? Chances are there are not that many. The Dutch need their own social media platform, where the most controversial things can be discussed openly without unjust censorship.

Sing, fight, cry, pray and speak ...

Wappiez Social could well become the Dutch social media platform we need. Their website indicates that it will work just as easily as Facebook and Twitter, and it will be less selective when it comes to displaying messages, where the major social media companies are known to do so on a regular basis.

As you can see on the right, they will also come with their own Wappiez Messenger, where you can send private messages to each other via a secure connection. Not unimportant of course in the world in which we live.

Wappiez Social does not collect data

Perhaps most importantly, your data will be better protected for the simple reason that it will hardly be there anymore. The longer we continue to use platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, the more personal information, in the form of data, we give to these companies and the more money they can continue to earn from it. If we want to break this circle, we simply have to stop giving data to the Big Tech companies.

Wappiez has come up with something else for this. Instead of your location being constantly stored or your history being updated, to be used for serving relevant advertisements, which governments also eagerly use in the background, Wappiez will place the choice with the user himself. And with this you can indicate yourself whether you have children or not, for example, so that you can receive relevant advertisements with which you can use them selected SMEs can support those wappies are benevolent.

In any case, we think it would not hurt if there were a good Dutch social media alternative. Read more about Wappiez Social on their website.

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