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Frank conversation Yves Gijrath and Thierry Baudet

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A pleasant conversation between Thierry Baudet and Yves Gijrath

This podcast was made in the fall of 2019 but has not been listened to by many people.

It is a conversation of more than an hour. There is talk about politics, but also about the person Thierry Baudet himself and his private life.

For the first time, Yves receives a politician in his podcast studio "One-two with Yves", and not just one.

When Thierry Baudet walks into the LXRY church, all eyes are on him.

Who is behind the charismatic smile of Thierry Baudet?

We look back on his struggles during the political debate, the departure of friend and co-founder of FvD Henk Otten, his relationship with the media, the left and right-wing Netherlands of today, but above all his need to remain authentic.


YouTube channel LXRY.


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