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Anti-migrant demonstrations in Serbia "Help us or we'll do it ourselves!"

Participants in an anti-migrant demonstration in Belgrade say that if the government does not protect the people from the migrants, they will take justice into their own hands and set up more civilian patrols. (source)

“If the state cannot or does not want to protect us, we take matters into our own hands. We will set up more civilian patrols! ”

The protesters shouted slogans like: "Serbia for the Serbs", "Fence for the migrants, freedom for the citizens!" in: "We don't want migrants!" (source)

Banners were also shown with: “You will NOT replace us!”, referring to the surrounding that is going on.

The Serbian Commissioner for Migrants, Vladimir Cucic, speaks of one "Great shame and disgrace."

Anti-migrant demonstration in Belgrade

One of the sources, the Balkan Insight, speaks of the far right who are in one “So-called population theory" to believe. (source)

We wonder what other word they use for the phenomenon of replacing the indigenous European population before our eyes. Hypocrisy about the most correct word for this phenomenon. (source)

It is even the goal of the European Union. Diversity.  (source)

But it is easier to portray such matters directly as the extreme right. Then one feels good again,

Cucic: "A lot of effort has been made to eventually bring together 200 people who hate."

Yet we see a lot of people walking in the demonstrations that are not exactly like extremely people who only know hate look.

Would people like Cucic never even light up that people are fed up after so many years? By no means everyone dares to express that, but there will come a time when the people will no longer accept it.

Furthermore, the protesters were called “a group of xenophobes” with the incredibly naive ending: "If only 200 people in Serbia are full of hatred, then no one is happier than me."

But it is far from the first time that such demonstrations have been held.

Anti-migrant demonstrations have already been held in Subotica and Pozarevac. In a number of smaller towns and villages, demonstrations have also been taking place and the anti-migrant feeling is increasing.

Cucic claims: "These people are stimulated by fake news about migrants who allegedly use violence against women and our citizens."

He really said it. "fakenews about it migrants who allegedly use violence against women and our citizens. ” What can you say about such an unworldly comment…?

These demonstrations are flourishing again after Erdogan's action to open the borders and allow migrants to flow into Europe. If the Greek borders fail, hundreds of thousands of refugees will once again pass through Serbia to travel on to Western Europe.

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