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Dogs shot to prevent "infections"

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Several rescue dogs to be cared for at a shelter while waiting to be rescued by a shelter or person have instead been shot dead by the council of a state board of trustees. Bourke Shire Council in New South Wales, Australia.

The Bourke Shire Council board says it killed the rescue dogs to prevent volunteers from an animal shelter in Cobar from traveling into the area. According to the Office of Local Government the council did this as part of a strategy to prevent the potential spread of COVID through people traveling to rescue the dogs.

"The council has decided to take this course of action to protect its employees and the community, including vulnerable Aboriginal people, from the risk of transmission of COVID-19.” said a spokesman for the government agency. (source) (source)

No covid case has ever been reported in Cobar except for ridiculous rumours that there is traces of the virus would have been found in the area's sewage system. (source) (source)

De Sydney Morning Herald tried several times to contact the city council but got no response.

A member of Rural Outback Respite Rescue (ROAR), the shelter that is supposed to protect the dogs, declined to comment.

The office of the local government minister, Sherry Hancock, did not give in but was, according to animal rights activist Lisa Ryan

A spokesperson for the council only said that it was necessary to check whether this is not animal abuse.

In a later reply, she said municipalities were under no obligation to tell the government how they killed the animals in their care.

Animal rights activist Lisa Ryan, however, called for an urgent investigation.

“We were deeply shocked by the shooting of this ruthless dog and were completely stunned,” said Ms. Ryan, Regional Campaign Manager for Animal Liberation. “The council said the murder was part of the COVID safety program. I completely reject the dog's unacceptable justification. ” (source)

Heartbreaking. And even sadder because it shows what people are capable of through deception and deception about a virus. There is no benefit to shooting these innocent beasts. And these people were probably before normal but now shoot innocent rescue dogs.

Now they are still dogs. The governments and the media will also dismiss people who do not (any longer) participate in this corona nonsense as "dangerous". Then they act shamelessly. And you see what that can do to idiotic minds. Speak out loud and clear, whatever position you are sitting in.

I lived under the illusion that there is a light and a bell somewhere in the back of almost everyone's mind. A light that lights up when all logic is actually lost and a bell that rings when Evil is right in front of you.

If that happens to me, someone who has twelve in a dozen, it certainly will happen to most people.

If there are also hordes of people who want to shout it from the rooftops to warn you for our very best, then it must be a very big exception not to wake up as a human being?

But I was wrong. I found out in March 2020, when the corona figures and facts came in and this circus was not immediately ridiculed and laughed off by humanity.

Being aware of the fact that you will always be misled is an awareness that apparently the majority of people (still) lack. They will probably take this as arrogant statements.


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