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Shame! Investigation Requested about Virus Truth, Nederland in Revolt and FDF

An arson comes to the fore during the Investigation requested program.

The presenter calls people and says:

"Arsonist may have ties with militant core of activists of Viruswaarheid, Nederland in Opstand or the Farmers Defense Force"

Outrageous is the only word for this. These kinds of statements are a shame. Here people who stand up for their rights are filthy as well as terrorists portrayed by the fake media. Pure guesswork and just name 3 organizations. These organizations represent people who know the facts, have common sense and stand up for their rights. And those supporters are being demonized here.

The fake media, the journalists who don't speak the wrong word about Antifa, BlackLivesMatter. Never. What a one-sided deception. What is the Netherlands being cheated. So much injustice against gullible people. Abusing their trust.

Dear media and politicians: We will not forget how you have deceived the people in recent months. The bill comes. Because even the most gullible people will realize what you have done to us. We would not like to be in your shoes.




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