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Shell and Eneco want offshore wind farm

While the Dutch are mainly concerned with the corona crisis, Shell and Eneco want to build an extra offshore wind farm off the coast of Egmond aan Zee.

The wind farm should provide energy for 1 million households, supply a hydrogen factory with electricity and save 200.000 tons of CO2 (0.1% of total CO2 emissions in the Netherlands).
The hydrogen plant must supply hydrogen to fuel 2300 trucks a day.

A major problem with windmills, however, is that the long-term ecological impact is not entirely clear. We do know that marine mammals up to 20 km from the wind farm experience noise nuisance from work on the windmills.

In addition, too little is known about the influence of underwater acoustics, caused by offshore wind turbines, on the behavior of fish and marine mammals.

Not to mention maintenance. Damage from salt and the large amounts of rare metals required for the construction of a windmill.

Neodymium is in the generators of windmills. However, we are 85% dependent on China for the import of neodymium.

In addition, most metals must be imported from other continents in a windmill.

Shell and Eneco want to build a large wind farm, 19 km from the coast, near Egmond aan Zee:ç

Impact of windmills on marine life:

CO2 emissions in the Netherlands 182.5 MegaTon:

Where do the metals for our “clean” energy come from?

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