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IT'S TIME! Private and corporate property abolished. Media MUST collaborate with government

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Shocking but especially for those who have been burying their heads in the sand all along (and will continue to do so until it hits them). We were already prepared.

There we go.

The high word is out. The tone is set. It starts in Spain.

This message comes from the largest newspapers in Spain.

In the event that a state of crisis is declared in Spain (situation of importance for national security is the name given by the law), the authorities can also carry out temporary seizure of all types of property, the provisional occupation when deemed necessary or the government can suspend all kinds of activities.

The sop that heals no wound: Those who suffer financial loss as a result of the seizure of their property or the interruption of their activity are entitled to compensation. In the first drafts, the law excludes the payment of compensation to those who are obliged to relinquish their property.

The irony of this legislation is that it is a forced "personal loan" calls. You do it for someone else, so to speak. You must cooperate in fighting “the crisis”, according to the national security law by borrowing. Immigration is not restricted. Other charges are not addressed. No, you are the problem and you are plucking them bare. Not to help the country but to make you weak. Too weak to be of any significance.

Who will be the first to die? The "unnecessary eaters". In other words, the elderly. Would they therefore vaccinate the elderly…? No, that's (still) speculation. But everything shows that the elderly no longer mean anything to the government. Their belongings do. However, this law applies in principle to all adults.

Every person of age is obliged to carry out the “personal loan” required by the competent authorities, according to the guidelines of the National Security Council, when a state of crisis is declared in Spain. In this case, all citizens without exception must follow the orders and instructions of the authorities.

Pedro Sánchez


The fallacy:

Most importantly, however, it contains measures to prevent the recurrence of shortages of products and goods that are crucial to cope with a crisis, such as the lack of masks, respirators and personal protective equipment that occurred as infections began to spread massively .

This has been established by the reform of the National Security Law prepared by the government. (source)

This decision was supposedly taken by “the lessons learned during nearly a year and a half of health crisis (which is nowhere to be found in the numbers).”

But that's not all.

Companies also have to surrender property

The duty applies not only to all citizens, but also to companies and legal entities to cooperate with the authorities to overcome the crisis, through a provision of a personal or material nature. The text is based on Article 30 of the Constitution, according to which "Spaniards have the duty and the right to defend Spain."

We see defending a country differently. And in this way people are heading straight for that “other solution”. At least, that is to be hoped, otherwise humanity has indeed proved too weak.

This news has caused a lot of bad blood in Spain. Finally, you might say. But rather late. Maybe too late if you don't literally get up.

The “conspiracy theorists” have warned here from the very beginning, and before that. With one difference: Those who laughed at those conspiracy theorists then are furious now.

People have taken advantage of the ignorance about “flu-like” illnesses.

People often say: a harmless flu, while the flu kills millions of people every year. But by not covering that through the media (it would be too ridiculous for words if they did) we live with that fact. Once it's over, life. The flu deaths are on average old and have underlying diseases.

With Corona, whether it exists or not, exactly what one should never have done has happened. Namely, the daily keeping, and publicly, of the corona deaths.

Once you see the big picture, you see that nothing is wrong. But because all governments have terrified their population by threatening death, many people (more than expected) lose their rational thinking.


But even though the conspiracy theorists have predicted it correctly, the following predictions they make are once again ridiculed the old-fashioned way. Such as the dangers, but especially the intentions, of the vaccinations (read: gene therapy). This is directly related to these measures.

But people don't want to learn what gene therapy is and what it's going to do to humans. This while people like Klaus Schwab make no secret of it.

How are they going to implement this?

To this end, the National Security Council will prepare and update a catalog of human and material resources, public or private property, that may be useful in the event of a crisis. 

The catalog will be approved by the Council of Ministers and will include contributions from autonomous communities and local entities.

Plans for the preparation and deployment of the resources listed in the catalog will be approved and steps will be taken to verify their availability, albeit without real commitment of resources.

During the pandemic, the government has not resorted to the statement of “situation of importance to national security”, but until the alarm condition, regulated by a law from 1981. Now we understand why our own criminals such as Hugo de Jonge will and must do everything they can to ensure that Corona becomes an A disease in the Netherlands.

The one is temporary. The other is permanent.

The newspapers, which are more clearly than ever the banner of the government, are completely uncritical with this news. Below you can read why.

Obligations of the media

The media has been covered by the government for years as long as they inform (read impose) the people as the government wants. An occasional article of criticism, somewhere in a corner, to keep things sweet, that was still possible.

The new draft in Spain includes the obligation of the media to cooperate with the competent authorities in the dissemination of information of a preventive or operational nature.

Will we wake up and finally go to war together?

If governments, the WHO and all the other scum had acted normally on the basis of common sense, rationality and transparency, there would never have been a crisis. We know that. 

But we also know that this crisis had to come. It's time EVERYONE finally realizes that Corona is not the problem and never has been. The solution was very simple: Make sure there is enough space in the hospitals instead of cutting back on ICU beds. This is very briefly put, but you get the point.

Another solution is the cheap, harmless drugs that have been offered but have been ignored by all governments. Reason? The goal was and is gene therapy. The ultimate goal is complete control over humanity. If you want to know how that works and want to know where we are going: Read what the Social Credit System in China is all about. (source)

You become a kind of lemming, a product with a number above your head. The lower that number is, the worse you get. You have fewer rights than someone with a higher number above his or her head.

But more importantly: The gap between those in power and the entire population is widening and you are nothing more than a number. No matter how high your “number” is. You will be fully monitored.

Once again we refer to the Social Credit System in China. (source) And the Wikipedia is still mild.

What have we as the Netherlands sent money to countries and Spain. If you continue to reason, do you now understand why?

So millionaires, entrepreneurs and people who think they are taking advantage of this crisis. WAKE UP! Spend your money well, FIGHT this injustice and help the right fighters. Because you also lose everything. You are a grain of sand to the people behind the scenes.


And all this for a “virus” with a death rate of 0.15% worldwide. The replacement for the flu.

There is no crisis.

If only every human being understood this simple fact. We have the same enemy and only together can we stop it. In a small country like the Netherlands there is still hope. We have often done special things in history. But then one has to wake up and show balls.

Is there only bad news then?

No, people are now actually being brought to justice to be held accountable. That's what today's next article is about.


Spread the freedom!

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