Brief update: Case Dr. van Rijn against Jaap van Dissel

As you know, insurance doctor Dr. van Rijn filed a case against Jaap van Dissel.

Very brave. Especially in those days, when there was not nearly as much criticism of the corona policy as today.

We receive a lot of emails whether something is already known.

We have been in contact with Dr. van Rijn and it may take until around Christmas before he (and therefore we) know more.

Van Rijn wants to get Jaap van Dissel for the disciplinary court.

Initially, his charge was declared “inadmissible”. On October 23, van Rijn was given the opportunity to explain his accusation again orally.

We hope, and actually assume, that several doctors, general practitioners, physicians, experience experts and experts will stand up and unite.

They are the ones who can play a vital role in getting out of this total madness. Do not be afraid of the dangers and threats from the government. As easily as said, the consequences of not coming out will be many times worse for you and for your posterity.

In addition, everyone wants to be on the right side of history and doctors have the position, and therefore the opportunity, to reassure people and to inform them well about corona.

Read Dr. van Rijn against Jaap van Dissel:

Does Jaap van Dissel get up to speed again?



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