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Showdown! France approves COVID health passports for hospitality industry

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Macron has declared war on France

French lawmakers approved an extension of the COVID health pass requirements to bars and restaurants in the early morning hours on Monday.

The health pass proving that the holder has either been vaccinated, tested negative in the last 48 hours or recovered from the disease in the last six months has been mandatory in France since last week to visit leisure and cultural sites.

You heard it right. A proven highly harmful injection, experimental, unapproved by the FDA, and in reality anything but a vaccine that protects against corona becomes mandatory. Against something that actually doesn't exist and that doesn't kill anyone instantly.

This is the bitter reality about vaccines, but Macron and his family take off their masks. The evidence about the vaccines is so great that we are in a situation where it is the bitter reality that governments in Western Europe are going to force their citizens to do something very dangerous and unnecessary. The government is killing people. Those who are still laughing about this will kick themselves and are very responsible by not taking this seriously.

People have allowed it and the governments are taking their chance. A totalitarian society is a fact in France, but already everywhere in Western Europe. And this goes further and further.

The law will extend its use to bars and restaurants in early August. It also makes vaccination against COVID-19 mandatory for healthcare professionals.

Lawmakers were working on an amendment that would require them to vote again if the government wants to extend its use after Nov. 15. A sweetener.

The vote came just a day after tens of thousands of people across France had demonstrated against the renewal of the health pass and the mandatory vaccination for certain professions.

Macron's hate speech

After he also said that unvaccinated people are “egoists” and “irresponsible”.

This is completely false Science and simple logic directly disprove that an unvaccinated person poses any danger to anyone. That's why this is pure hate speech from the French presidentst.

This man is breaking every Nuremberg code regarding human rights.

All hell is breaking loose, you can count that on your fingers. This man will have to look over his shoulder all his life.

Protests start again

The new measure was announced earlier this month by Macron in an effort to boost vaccinations.

It was the second weekend in a row that hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets against the government's decision to make it mandatory to have a health card to access restaurants, bars and other cultural institutions.

Several thousand people, spread over at least three rallies, started demonstrating in Paris early in the afternoon today.

In the Trocadero Square, several thousand people, rarely masked, gathered at the call of Florian Philippot.

“You are thousands,” said the Patriots president and former RN No. 2, between two “Marseillaises”. (source)

Florian Philippot is a French politician and Member of the European Parliament (MEP). From 2012 to 2017, he served as Vice President of the National Front before leaving the party to found The Patriots in September 2017, and he chairs the party group on the Grand Est Regional Council. Since October 2017 he is part of Europe of Nations and Freedom


Who will give the starting signal for that great gathering?

What will happen in France is predictable. Great chaos. And what about it? You would also prefer to pull them out of that building yourself, but will this work?

People who still live in their own NOS world don't get anything at all about what's going on. They only see: “Hans! In France they now also have vaccination passports!”

While people who are aware, have some common sense and have balls to fight for all of us. No rioters. People from literally all layers of society and from all age categories, men and women, grandfathers and grandmothers. People with balls!

The time when you have to stand up for yourself as a human being has now come. Let the lost souls go for a while. Let those who think you act tough and crazy for what it is. They will later be proud of you and ashamed of themselves.

Something like here in London would give a good first signal in the Netherlands.

This is the battle of our lives. We're not going to let ourselves be sprayed with deadly junk by a crazy elementary school teacher, are we?

Who gives the starting shot?

Spread the freedom!

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