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Side Effects and Vaccine Deaths SHOCKING! Between 72.000 and 180.000 deaths after vaccine. Young and old.

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The number of cases of side effects after the corona shot that has been reported in EudraVigilance, the European database of suspected adverse drug reaction reports, is absolutely shocking.

That's what writer Patrick Wood said in Bannon's War Room.

Until six weeks ago, for example, there were about 19.000 deaths recorded after vaccination. In addition, there were 1,8 million cases of injuries reported.

“These are serious injuries,” said Wood. “This is different from a pain in your arm or a red spot on your arm.”

Much higher

"It's about things like heart problems, blood problems, ear problems, immune problems, you name it," he explained. “The four vaccines administered in Europe all cause the same kind of problems: cardiovascular damage, blood clots.”

There is a real chance of death or a chronic condition. These risks are also equally great in healthy people and young children. That while almost only very elderly people died from corona with very serious other conditions.

357.000 nervous system cases

Wood was shocked to discover that in the EU there are 357.000 cases of nervous system problems have been reported. He said many people do not report side effects and the actual number is much higher.

Between 72.000 and 180.000 needlestick deaths

Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA vaccine technique, looked up the latest figures.

EudraVigilance has now reported 20.525 deaths and 1.960.000 injuries.

dr. Malone further said that out an independent analysis it has been found that in the United States between the 72.000 and 180.000 people have died from the jab.

And then we have only just started and we don't know anything about the long-term effects yet.



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Deaths and serious damage from vaccines in the Netherlands




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