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Dear Readers & Viewers of CommonSenseTV,

We may be able to stop the covid passport import! We need a million votes for this. Together we can do this share this petition as much as possible! We are all in this together, please sign this petition and help spread it across Europe to stop this madness. This petition will be handed over to the European Parliament on 29 May.


Content of the petition:

With this petition, citizens of all countries in Europe wish to express their concern about the current approach to the COVID-19 crisis and the position taken by the European Union in this regard.

Free movement, no 'covid passport' ('digital green certificate')
The implementation of an EU COVID-19 certificate (the so-called 'covid passport' or 'digital green certificate') is not a suitable solution to the current travel restrictions that most European countries have put in place under the guise of "national health measures." These restrictions are disproportionate and should be abandoned altogether, making a “vaccine passport” unnecessary.

Restoration of constitutions
To be democratic, all EU Member States must restore the Constitution over other laws, as well as nullify the decrees that contradict it. If this fails, the European Union should, as a last resort, use Article 7 to initiate proceedings against those Member States that refuse to comply.

Freedom of Demonstration
Demonstrations are often most needed when restrained. The European Parliament should investigate the excessive use of force by police forces facing peaceful protesters in various European countries. It is up to the people, not the government, to decide when democracy or public health should prevail as a primary value.

Freedom of the press and impartial reporting
A new law is needed to prevent pressure groups from exerting too much influence on government policy. A maximum amount of airtime must be allocated to a particular person, interest group or discipline. When more than 0,2% of the population of a country or region signs a petition, the media must broadcast a live debate on the topic.

Click here for the petition:

The virus does not exist and has never existed. The pandemic is 100% fraud. If you still believe in the alleged virus - because indeed it is a 'belief', completely contradictory with the hard facts- then I advise you to read this article:

Wisdom, strength in these bizarre times and a warm greeting,

free person

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