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Sionkerk Urk: The selective indignation about the comparison with SS men

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Sionkerk Urk: Journalists are morons and terrorists. 'Even the SS acted more friendly'

Oh dear. The Netherlands and the media are turned upside down.

Poor journalists who were denounced as SS and terrorists.

There was a time when talking about this seriously and not condemning these kinds of comparisons was taboo. But those days are over and people are thinking more for themselves.

PowNed journalist Mark Baanders was hit and later hit by a churchgoer.

The church press officer says he took a step forward himself.

Briefly summarized, because this article is not necessarily about this incident but about the selective indignation in the Netherlands Betuttelland:

The press officer and elder Hessel Snoek of the Reformed Congregation Sionkerk Urk:

“The journalists were after a sensation and have broken corona rules themselves by getting too close to each other. The microphone was pressed even deeper against the mouth of some churchgoers than the baton in a corona test. Fathers came into the church upset. Children came in crying. We were not dealing with journalists, but with terrorists. ”

“The journalists were a bunch of morons and crossed all borders. About thirty people stood in front of our main entrance and a few even entered our premises. The entrance was blocked and people did not have enough space to enter. There were also journalists aggressive towards people and people were chased. If you get a camera in front of you, you panic. The SS was more friendly in the war than the journalists. ”

When De Stentor stated that they have pushed the corona rules aside because all members are invited, while a number of guys in The Hague determine that only 30 men are allowed in a church, Snoek replied:

“Our churchgoers cannot be blamed yesterday. Our churchgoers have not attacked people. We are allowed to meet in the church according to the constitution. We consider reporting threats, insults and intimidation. Maybe against the whole club of journalists out there. The guy from PowNed in particular should be ashamed of himself. If I were in charge, I would have closed that broadcaster today. ”

Right! It is our fundamental right. This man is awake and in that respect it is an example for the Netherlands what happened yesterday. Stand up for your freedoms and stop obeying this madness!

They do not allow themselves to be dictated by a completely devastated government, but continue to live and think: "Please insert those measures into you ..."

You can read the full statement from the press officer here:

Selective outrage

As soon as a comparison is made with the Second World War, the media, politicians and some of our fellow countrymen are immediately in a state of turmoil.

The selective indignation makes you puke.

How different it was then, for example, all FvD'ers, and every person or group that had a different opinion on certain topics such as immigration, were and still are called fascists, racists and Nazis on a daily basis.

Where were the journalists then to denounce that? Where were our politicians?

They are absurd comparisons because the FvD stands for power back to the citizens, referendums, equality for everyone regardless of race, gender or origin and above all freedom. Those aren't really positions that correspond to fascism or Nazism, are they?

Yet it could be said without consequences. Is there anyone from the mainstream media who stood up for these people? No.

The media is not there to denounce injustice.

But can you then just compare journalists with SS men?

As soon as people make those comparisons, I always try to think a little further about how that comparison applies. Politically incorrect or not. It is a comparison that you can think about and conclude whether it is (somewhat) plausible or not.

Immediately in the making and mentioning a number of examples from the Second World War that are not (yet) happening in order to eliminate the things that can be compared, that's not how it works.

If we can substantiate that we have a media that is collectively guilty that we as citizens are in this cruelest and most serious situation ever, then that comparison can be made. Especially when people have been unfairly compared to Nazis for years without any legitimate substantiation.

There are comparisons between the media of today and the media in the Second World War, led by SS'er Joseph Goebbels. De Telegraaf should know.

Journalists who talk shame about these comparisons should really guess at themselves. And if they have good intentions at all, they need to realize that they are participating in a corrupt apparatus that wants to change humanity forever.

They always say that they do give space to everyone because they once let a citizen speak with a different opinion or once they invited someone to the studio. But let real articulate critics tell their story? They'll be careful. This immediately changes public opinion. Why? Because telling the truth just comes across as very credible.

We live in the most profound crisis since World War II in which human rights are being violated and taken away. It is war.

People commit suicide because they don't like it anymore. People are losing their companies en masse because they have to close down from the government. Families are torn apart because grandfather and grandmother are behind lock and key and are allowed to wave to their family through a window and we are also obliged to get vaccinated.

Society is polarizing. We're going to be forced to get vaccinated and if not, your social life is over. You are no longer allowed to travel. Or no longer going to “non-essential” occasions as Hugo de Jonge calls it. (source)

We live with a curfew. An EVENING CLOCK! Does it get through? We have to wear masks that, without a doubt, do not work but are unhealthy. We are subjected to the most humiliating measures and freedom and democracy have long since ceased to exist.



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You expect the media to act as a watchdog and show all sides of the story and let people with different visions have their say.

An example of this is the inoperative PCR test. Every journalist in the Netherlands knows that there are many, many scientists, doctors and other experts who demonstrate this. It's world news. Why isn't that in the news? Why is this not being discussed seriously? This would be the end of this whole crisis. Why are people not on top of it?

Why not let other experts, besides the media click, have their say who actually bring good news by arguing and substantiating that corona is not that dangerous at all and perhaps simply falls under what we call The Griep?

Why are there never any questions about the duty of masks from the media when we all know that they don't work?

How can the media, if they want the best for the people, not be very critical of an absurd measure such as curfew and ignite politics?

And if it were some media that have a different approach than the other media, then there is still something to be said. But they all play the same game. After all, it is one and the same media. Take a look here at which newspapers and media fall under DPG media.

No, if we had had honest media we would never have come this far and the Netherlands would have been “normal” for a long time. But we are dealing with a media driven by Brussels and corrupt hyenas are pretending to be journalists.

And that gets through to these churchgoers and so the comparison is not so bad at all. The fuss about it is hypocritical and shows how short-sighted people can be.

In the Second World War, Joseph Goebbels showed how the media is the most important factor in determining public opinion and how you can mislead people and put them in fear.

And that is exactly what the media is doing now. Day in day out. Negativity, nonsense about corona. Meaningless, dangerous looking graphs. Count the dead every day. Every day "contagious" count while talking about people who test positive for the PCR test.

But ever good news from Florida or any of the other states in America that will end this madness? Or the world news that governments are finally being brought to justice for breaking the Nuremberg code? Isn't that a celebration for democracy and good news for mankind?

But no, it is ignored. As if it doesn't exist. And they know that they are also coming for them precisely because of this attitude and method.

And the censorship that silences people? Something that should never happen in a free society. Does the media stand up for those people? No.

But yesterday in Urk the media did dive into their victim role and talked about “freedom of the press”. But what about the censorship and freedom of speech that is under attack?

Many media even applaud the censorship. Because they think that only their truth is the truth and the rest should be silent.

No folks. As the media, you should be on top of good news and other findings.

It is a shame that citizens themselves have to stand up and set up platforms such as CSTV (and luckily many others) to get the truth out because the mainstream media let us fall hard and die.

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When you look at the big picture I can imagine the comparisons with terrorists and SS men.

I never expected that I would ever have to seriously consider that comparison, although I never thought much of the media. But when this crisis broke out, I sincerely expected humanity to emerge in the media. Not so. And collectively too.

If I continue reasoning, you will come to the conclusion that the media has a lot of blood on their hands. Indeed, the media is guilty of many deaths through negligence. They are also guilty of people losing their businesses and unable to support their families. The media is guilty that people are at home in agony and the media is guilty that people commit suicide and that the youth have to grow up in a bizarre world with masks and crazy distance measures. They are guilty of all the suffering that people now have to endure.

Had the media given a voice to everyone, this once beautiful country would have looked very different.

Here a journalist is hit, as far as you can seriously call it that, but on the Malieveld and the Museumplein, innocent peace-loving citizens are beaten up and hit by police vans every week because they are desperate and stand up for their freedom. In the name of the government.

What are the so-called journalists of the mainstream media doing? Everything is done to place the blame on those innocent civilians and not on the crazy police.

And now complaining that you will be tackled for coming to sew and bother churchgoers about crazy corona rules?

No no. It doesn't work that way. These Urkers are wide awake. The media is getting the blood under your nails today and the hypocritical attitude only makes things worse.

Nobody wants violence, but nobody gets hit in the face 10 times before hitting back.

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Can you then make the comparison with SS'er Joseph Goebbels who also lied to the people and flooded them with State propaganda to make people obey like that?

Can you compare it with terrorists because unnecessarily many people die because unnecessarily many lives have been destroyed because the media silenced people who had a more positive and correct story?

I think even people who say they are “awake” do not fully realize how serious the situation is and they have no idea what is going on in the world. They often cannot do anything about this because the SS'ers and terrorists from the media do not want to inform them but mislead them. It's also because you get sucked into it little by little and get used to it. In addition, people quickly forget and are generally of good faith. They should know.

Watch this short video. Is this a man speaking who wants the best for the Netherlands or is someone here who is carrying out an agenda in which we are made slaves?




These people can be VERY happy that the Dutch are civilized people. If there is one group that demonstrates this every week, it is the demonstrators.

But it stops once and then you come across the wrong one ...

Again the appeal to the government and the media. Stop this! You have been seen and you will be judged on it.

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