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Situation Greek-Turkish border “normal” again

Peace seems to have returned to the Greek border. For the time being…

Despite the attack by 500 migrants last night (source) the situation at the Greek border is “normal” again.

That is not to say that no one tries to cross the border, but the number of attempts is minimal.

"The situation at the border has been very stable in recent days (Monday and Tuesday)."said a spokesman for the Greek Foreign Minister (source)

“Only a few attempts have been intercepted. The number of attempts is again the same as before the crisis. ”

A Frontex spokesperson added: "The situation has been calm in recent days, but we don't know yet what that means for the future."

Sounds from the New York Times are that buses full of migrants have traveled back to Istanbul.  (source) (source)

“In recent days many migrants have left the border region but there are still thousands”, said Frontex.

These migrants are believed to be awaiting the outcome of the video conference and forthcoming talks between EU leaders and Erdogan. (source)

In a few days, the difference is huge. In the weekend tens of thousands of migrants had to stop.

It is very difficult to estimate what will happen. Until last week, the situation on the Greek border was still attractive to the press. Until the Coronavirus turned the world upside down.

We try to keep you informed as much as possible about the outcome of the talks and the situation at the border.

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