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Sky News about Great Reset: You Won't Own Anything!


A terrifying coalition of multinationals and big tech are so convinced and unbelievably brutal ... As if they are above God, that's how they behave. Act shamelessly. Shameless censorship. It doesn't hurt them.

They try to trick uninformed people: “You will own nothing, and you will be happy”.

You will not own anything and you will be happy.

In other words. Socialism in a modern guise. The government (made up of big tech, multinationals and wealthy career politicians who don't care about anyone but themselves) owns everything. Everything will be theirs with one large underclass that is easy to manage. No more properties.

Why do you think they target the hospitality industry and later other SMEs? For a virus? Makes sense?

Sky News host Rowan Dean explains this well. (Dutch subtitles)


This has been talked about, as far as I can remember, from the year 2002. But you were laughed at, like many of you.

The Great Reset? The world is not a computer! ”, you often heard.

Well… what can you say to that. What a conclusion too.

Just as we were called black viewers and wappies when we said in May that we would never get out of this “crisis”.

But you were considered crazy. One of the reasons for the creation of CommonSenseTV.

But in recent months you do not hear these people so much anymore, although there are still a huge number of stiff heads, people who liked many, who do not (want to) see it. Inexplicable. Big egos?

World Economic Forum

From 2015/2016 you suddenly heard more and more from the WEF and that it was coming.

It was ignored by citizens, friends and family, when the fact was it was going to happen.

In 2016 the WEF (World Economic Forum) already spoke openly about it:

In 2017 at their annual meeting. (source)

Welcome To 2030: I Own Nothing, Have No Privacy And Life Has Never Been Better.

This sentence is mainly instilled in the youth. The words "Happiness" and the phrase "Life has never been better" means that they want in our minds. Literally. Brought to you in a beautiful way. Everything is possible. Everything is beautiful. But… they want to control our bodies and our brains. Control emotions. Diminish our “being human”.

Man is no longer important and it all has (for them) many advantages.

The overpopulation can be resolved. We become part of their whole. No possession. Some straight and honor duties.

And last 2020 was the time to throw all brakes off and the corona measures are used to get it through like a Blitzkrieg so quickly. Rationality no longer matters. Truth are lies and lies are truth.

Everything must and will give way. Trump is gone and all EU leaders should follow this agenda. It explains the behavior of “leaders” such as Mark Rutte and Hugo de Jonge and all other EU leaders and beyond. They all do exactly as they are told. And then a psychopath who has only been a schoolteacher but is job horny and ruthless comes out very well. It's about corpses.

Here the “advertisement” of the WEF. November 2020:

Build Back Better

The insidious phrase Build Back Better, which sounds like common sense, is essentially one of the slogans for deploying The Great Reset. 

It leaves the betrayal of it Boris Johnson see well. Brexit is a mock Brexit. Towards a world government.

So we know what people uttering this phrase are after.

This is the greatest threat to humanity and it is already at a very advanced stage.

Do people who sleep finally understand why these measures are being taken? The evolution of humans, which normally becomes smarter in these times through the wealth of information we have at our disposal on the internet, must be stopped. And drastically.

In 10 years, you will not be telling a dog this virus story anymore. Unless you step in and raise sheep now. A child is already being born and is the first to see a mouth cap. The WHO and EU guidelines on education will do the rest.

Censorship is part of life and no one knows better. We are being made dumb again.

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