SMARTPALACE - The smartshop for pure enthusiasts!

From the moment CSTV posted its first message, we were an instant fan.

We are first-time followers. You would think that there was no more space besides Jensen and the many others and that all news facts would already receive attention, but apparently CSTV can do that.

Every time CSTV manages to surprise us with a news item or item that you had not seen anywhere else before. And that is so urgently needed because the truth MUST be exposed, even though the truth often cannot tolerate daylight. (Q's followers know what we're talking about.)

We live in a special time. One day it seems as if the world is collapsing and the next day hope is shining like never before. We have great confidence in Trump and the patriots and believe in a fast-moving revolution.

Well let it come. We are ready! In the meantime, we try to support where we can to keep hearing the real sound.

That is why we have found that we would like to promote our new online Smartshop via CSTV.

We are fully aligned with regard to political and social content and we would like to help them to survive so that they can continue to do their good work.

We have made an agreement with CSTV that we transfer 10% to CSTV for every order that comes to us via CSTV.

This way we can work on our brand awareness and CSTV can continue to do what they do. (At least if they are not occupied by the sample pack sent by us for too long ☺)

Are you a bit familiar with the world of smart shops?
Do you dare to try something fun, such as KRATOM that can make you very happy, cheerful, energetic or very relaxed (Kratom is very popular in America and is booming in the Netherlands)
Or would you like to try a hallucinatory Truffle or maybe something even stronger?
Have you ever used an aphrodisiac that does what it promises?
Or maybe you just want CBD oil or natural food supplements for your resistance?

We have it all. Put 'CSTV' in the comment of your order and we will do something extra with your order!

With kind regards,
Marcel and Arlette.

Useful Links:

Facts and fables about Kratom:
For the daredevils among us:
For the resistance boosters:
For lovers of pure CBD:
For lovers of aphrodisiacs:




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