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Filthy journalism Jinek without hesitation - Terrorists wanted to enter the studio

It gets crazier and more dangerous every day.

Annemarie van Gaal was a guest at Eva Jinek a few weeks ago. 2 Niqab women were invited. One of those two peasant carriers (for whom Dutch left-wing people are demonstrating in such a garment) wanted to take people with them. Friends. After checking, it turned out to be terrorists on the terror list.

It will be Jinek a sausage, it seems. A few terrorists are not going to influence this broadcast and we are not going to talk about it. And by the way, one curtain less didn't matter much. After all, it was still 5 people who argued for the Niqab versus 1 who supported Dutch law. Nasty journalism.

And of course it became a tear-jerker again.

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