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Social media manager and other employees wanted!

Dear readers,

We are looking for one or more people who really enjoy being active on social media almost daily and who wants to become our social media manager.

This is to make our social media pages a nice place where people hang out, communicate and where our social media manager ensures that people are treated well, questions are answered, tackle undesirable matters and, in addition to our articles that are automatically be placed, put something extra. Now our social media accounts are still Facebook and Twitter but the day we move to other platforms will come. We also already have a MeWe account that has already been set up, but we still have to post there. We are open to other social media “providers”. As long as we can handle it.

Do you share our view of the world and do you strive for freedom like all of us here at CommonSenseTV and do you like to be on social media?

Then you can help us and the Netherlands!

In addition, we are looking for people who are active on forums (forums) or on platforms such as Reddit. People who want to share our information in multiple places in the name of CommonSenseTV or in their own name or create a CommonSenseTV account so that we are also active there. In this way, our message, and that of other free media, will reach more people and that is very much needed!

We are quite transparent. We are still poor. We don't care much about money and if we ever go "official" and the money flows in somehow (without losing our independence, we turned down a lot of "sponsors") you'll be the first to hear and make it We have a mega platform here that no one can ignore. We will do the same, only now it is going step by step. We still have to row with the oars we have.

From the donations, advertisements and the shop we pay for our website and all monthly plugins, we have purchased extra bandwidth monthly for the videos and so many other things of which people often do not know how much it actually costs to maintain a website. But we're keeping our heads above water. Mostly thanks to the readers.

We also save for innovations on our website, we subtitize several videos and there are many more costs, which we also did not foresee, which we can cover with this.

Still, from the start, we've had the philosophy that everyone who puts their free time into CommonSenseTV can also get a little something extra. We have reserved a fixed percentage to give to those people. We also think that donors appreciate that. Some people don't want to have a cent at all. But for others, a small weekly or monthly bonus is huge motivation and time consuming so everyone deserves it.

Columnists and people who want to bring news are always welcome to register.

Knowing more? Send an email to:




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