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Socialist mark rutte: "Build Back Better, climate neutral and Agenda21!"

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Build Back Better and Agenda2030

mark rutte had to read the obligatory tune that all socialists and globalists should read.

Biden's slogan: Build Back Better must be obediently repeated by all globalists. Agenda2030 was once a conspiracy theory, but now it is openly expressed. We don't get it, do we? They do it all for us. What opportunities there are!

“This is the chance to see the world climate-resilient to make. Build Back Better! ”, comes out of his mouth.

In other words ... This guy wants to pull us all the way into the modern socialist totalitarian new world .. He is a traitor who had the choice to go for the Netherlands or to destroy the country in order to build it up into part of a super sanctuary that people like Timmermans, Soros and Biden dream about.

He chose the latter. He wanted, at the expense of all of us, to become the poodle of the "grown-ups".

Power, power, power! And you no longer own anything at all. (source)

That's what Rutte really says. That is what this agenda entails.

In addition, he is a criminal against humanity who has violated almost all our fundamental rights.

This is not on impulse. You come to this conclusion when you can put all things in order from a distance and see the big picture.

mark rutte and his retinue have blood on their hands. Lots of blood. He is the main responsible. We as citizens are not involved in anything. We have been put away as toddlers.

And what he did with the Dutch last year is unforgivable. We will never forget.

Watch the gentleman read his tune here. Absolute sh ** t to the Netherlands and the Dutch citizens. The only civilians that the gentleman has been in conversation with are from KOZP. People who have questions about this tyranny have never been welcome.

Spread the freedom!

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