Boys sold for a few bucks to pedos circling around Youth Care

Underage boys from youth institutions are recruited for sexual abuse by adult men. They are even picked up right outside at institutions like Woodbrookers in Friesland.

'There are several dozen signals from several parties that indicate that underage young people are having the legal authority Worden withdrawn. That they are pressured into sexually transgressive behavior and have to commit criminal offenses by order. This mainly concerns boys. '

The young people are first made dependent and then deceived by offering housing, transport and drugs, among other things.

There are also signs of intimidation, threats and blackmail. These are vulnerable young people who are often known by organizations of Youth Services and experience problems in several areas. They become targeted recruitment by (young) adults at, among others, the Woodbrookers in Kortehemmen. ' That's what Maureen de Boer says of the so-called Safety house in Leeuwarden.

In the Safety House, municipalities, police, judicial authorities and emergency services have recently started working together on complex safety problems.

'This phenomenon of abuse of vulnerable youth is not new. It's been going on for a long time. '

But only since mid-2019 the various parties are working on these signals in close coordination with each other. We look at both the assistance and the judicial side. We bring the signals together to obtain a complete picture. The parties then agree on who does what ', says De Boer:

'We do have a few dozen young people in the picture. But that does not mean that it concerns dozens of cases where the facts are proven, you can't say that like that, 'said the backward-looking counselor.

'I can't say so many boys have been abused. Nor is it just the abuse of underage boys, there are also signs that these boys are under pressure turned on to criminal behavior. '

It is complex to settle these types of cases with criminal law. The police and the judiciary are strongly dependent on statements and reports from the young people themselves. The threshold to to declare is high.

According to De Boer, there are several possible explanations for this:

“There may be anxiety in the young. It could also be that boys who are the victims have also been guilty of offender behavior. But also shame en distrust opposite emergency workers of police can play a role. '

"I can imagine that young people are suspicious of the police because of their previous experiences with the law or events at the police station."

"Special investigators are ready to take their statements."

Yet these reports usually disappear in the trash, according to the victims.

During the conversations that were held with young people who direct of indirect having dealt with sexual abuse by pedophiles, a number of themes have been discussed. Their responses to three of those topics are shown below.

How does the contact arise between these boys who stay in institutions such as Woodbrookers and the pedophiles who abuse them?

'Social media is a great thing. Young people who run away go on the socials, and those pedos are there too. I always walked away with a group from an institution. Men drive round, keep an eye on you and ask if you need a place to sleep. Or money. Or whether you want to smoke. '

'Then you will receive messages via Facebook or Insta. You can sleep there then. '

Sometimes they just stand in front of the gate of Woodbrookers waiting in their car. '

'Things spread like wildfire on socials when someone has run away. When you're in a life like that know you hear it. Sometimes I think the pedos have a background just like us. '

'They take one from a group and then have it toegang until maybe twenty minor jongens'

'The moment you dakloos have no money, then they approach you. Sometimes they address you on the street. You get something and then they ask, when you are in the car, whether you want to do something for drugs or a few bucks. '

'There are also guys who bring in other guys. Who can take someone to a pedo for a little money. '

What happens to the boys when contact is made?

'I was once taken to a house. When I got in there, someone was naked and drugged on the couch. I left but I know of young people who sometimes for weeks stayed somewhere. If you run away, you don't want to go back to the institution. '

'I have been abused by pedophiles. Friends of mine too. All here in Leeuwarden. There are so many stories. '

'There is a pedo who then buys a bicycle from you. But when you bring that bike to that guy, he'll ask if you want to earn 50 euros for a massage. '

'We ended up in houses in Leeuwarden, or Drachten or Groningen. In those weird houses. Sometimes you were gone on time, sometimes you weren't. Then something was tried. '

'I don't want to say anything about the abuse. I'm afraid they'll get revenge. '

'We were once somewhere with a group. One of us was left behind. He was drugged and fucked in the ass for pills. '

'You get something and then it is:' what goes for what. '

What do the police and social workers do according to the young people?

'I was sometimes invited by the municipality, which also included the police. They wanted to know everything and warned us just stay away of some people. '

'I used to be with the police. But nothing happened to that, I think. And I always thought the leadership didn't take it seriously. '

"I have a criminal past, I don't think they take me seriously."

'People don't dare to report it. You are being threatened. Or blackmailed. '

'No declaration has been made. People are afraid of those guys. '

"I don't trust the police."


De Leeuwarder Courant has been working on it for months research into the sexual abuse of vulnerable young boys who are in the mill of the Youth Care. Between January and March of this year, several interviews took place with boys who have been directly or indirectly involved in abuse by pedophiles. The conversations took place on the basis of anonymity.

On Friday, Rob Wielink gave up Youth aid Friesland in the Leeuwarder Courant finally admits that there is'circuits in the society'who recruit vulnerable teenagers to perform sexual acts.

'That networks also come to our youth care institutions. ', says Jeugdhulp Friesland.


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