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Somali migrant stabs 7-year-old girl to death: Media remains silent

A 7-year-old British girl has been stabbed to death. Probably Somali migrant in a park.

This happened on Mother's Day Sunday, March 22, coroner Alan Walsh said at the hearing.

The girl's name was Emily Jones and she was riding her scooter in Queens Park. The girl's father had taken her to the park. (source)

As Emily drove past a bench, the girl was attacked by the woman sitting on that wooden bench in the park. She got up, approached the child and began to stab the child in the neck.

The wounds became fatal to the little girl.

Emily Jones Bolton - 7 years old.


Emily was taken to the hospital but could no longer be rescued. She died that day at 15:56 pm.

An autopsy was performed on Emily's body. The girl eventually died from deep cuts on her neck.

Investigate where Emily was murdered


The police are still investigating. The asylum seeker was arrested on the spot and is now held in an extra-secure facility on suspicion of murder. (source) The girl's parents, Mark Jones and Sarah Barnes are deeply shocked:Emily was 7 years old. Our only child and the light in our lives. She had such a beautiful smile. She was always happy. Emily was beautiful inside and out. Her heart was as big as her smile. ”

“It is heartbreaking to wake up every day without Emily. We just can't understand what happened. ” (source)

No MSM mentioned the Somali's background. Both newspapers and television remain silent about this. (source)

Acquaintances, people on social media and alternative news sites are furious about this because they think it is generally known, but it has not yet been officially confirmed. The MSM would also know that very well.

We will keep an eye on it and update when research is complete and it is officially appointed.



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