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Some numbers in addition to failing policy

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Some numbers besides failing policy, 28-07-2020

Also shocked by the news that an Action employee was fired immediately for not paying a 3-cent plastic bag?

Also shocked by the amount Italy may receive from the EU? Total 209 billion euros, of which 81 billion in gifts?

After that, I noticed quite a few numbers regarding care:

- An increase of 1% in the salary of the care workers will cost 560 million annually. Obviously, I think it is well deserved, but does that make care much better? And has that one-off € 1.000 already been paid? Does this improve healthcare?
- There are parties who want to reduce the deductible by € 100. Will cost 1,3 billion a year. Who should compensate for that annually? Is healthcare getting better there…?
- Other parties argue for the abolition of the deductible, with a price tag of 5,3 billion per year. Does the care get there…?
- Still others are going for an increase in the deductible from now 385 to 485. That will generate money, a total of 1,4 billion. Is the concern…?
- A subsequent proposal from The Hague will no longer reimburse some aids such as support stockings, hospital beds at home and crutches. This yields 290 million. Will the…?
- Then there will be votes to make people in nursing homes pay more for housing costs, meals and energy consumption. That yields something from 500 million to 1,2 billion. Is going to be …?
- Then there are smart people who want to transfer district nursing to the Long-term Care Act. This seems to yield 330 million. W.…?
- More care personnel on the night shift seems like a boost and costs a structural 660 million.
- Finally, profit can be made from a stripped-down basic package by no longer reimbursing certain treatments and medicines. However, the CBS has not calculated this, because no political party wants to burn a middle finger on this just before the sicknesses (in more than half a year).

All things considered, the crucial question is: where is policy supposed? The higher the amounts, the less ideology seems to be behind it.

Italy is cashing billions, but has no plan. Most proposals cost money or deliver a lot, but nowhere does care improve. The SP plan for the night shift is the closest and therefore the least expensive.

All other proposals are pure cents issues of the caliber vest pocket trouser pocket, which after all have to be taken care of elsewhere by the citizens, or at the expense of care.

Where are the plans to structurally improve healthcare? Where is a sound prevention policy? When will people return to the devastating effect of the market in healthcare? When will health insurers be tackled, perhaps with a competitive national equivalent of the old health insurance fund? When do doctors become salaried? When will properly functioning natural healers be included in regular care?

When are the pharma giants measured? These are all questions that require policy, make care better and also cheaper, instead of proposing calculating nonsense without professional knowledge and expertise, which only care about the polls for the upcoming INSURIES in March 2020. Oh yes, that bag of 3 cents, there was an idea behind it. The only example in this section where the management pursued a conscious policy.

Okay, a rigid zero tolerance policy, but still a consistent policy. Everyone may have liked the fact that the judge thought this was crazy and reversed the decision. He even ruled that Action should pay the employee € 7200 in damages.

Where is the judicial power to whistle political parties back, or is this just indirectly affecting art. 120 of the Constitution, which states that judges are forbidden to test laws or bills against the constitution?
After introducing it Alternative Government everything will be different.

Rients Hofstra

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