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South African Farmer WALKS to the White House to speak to Trump

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South African Jason Bartlett (33) wanted to speak to Trump about the farmattacks in South Africa and therefore decided to set out on his own to generate attention for the genocide on whites.

On New Year's Day 2020, Bartlett began his epic walking tour, departing at 8.05 from the Parliament Building in Austin, Texas, where he lives.

The first days were fun and exciting because friends and family joined in for a bit, then Bartlett was there alleen in front of.

But Jason persisted. After all, he had a goal in mind.

He met thousands of people and made lifelong friends.

Like the 95-year World War II veteran who came to greet him by the side of the road and him courage spoke.

The veteran told Jason that he is no longer certain of his life in the United States in 2020 because of BLM, millennials and Generation Z.

Strange Americans enthusiastically offered Buffalo Bartlett a place to stay for 3 to 5 days or bought new ones beautiful for him.

The many donations Jason Bartlett received were spent on hotel expenses, food, tiger balm, Airbnb, and overnight rentals of campers and RVs.

Bartlett has given away hundreds of interviews for TV and radio and has been a guest on many YouTube channels.

Also Alex Jones from Info Wars wanted the Buffalo Farmer would like to have in his program to bring the genocide to the attention.

The tornado that Jason got into and that one 25 adults and children in his trunk made him realize how bad the devastation is in South Africa.

The dead children and the destroyed homes in Texas reminded him of the South African farming families who lost their homes to the farmattacks.

Farmers whose eyes are gouged out, nails pulled out and their brains smashed.

Infants being raped.


Jason Bartlett himself lost a cousin to a farm murder.

Another cousin, Deon, nearly went blind after being attacked by black farm attackers at a barbecue on his farm and kicking him unconscious after hot coals pushed in his eyes.

South Africans thank Jason Bartlett for standing up with this tour for the farmers who themselves have been scared to speak up.

'Because of the rapes of their wives and the horrific torture, there is a deep one anxiety sown among white farmers. They feel defeated. They feel like they have failed to protect their hearth and home from this storm, ”said Jason Bartlett.

Photo: raped and murdered woman and child

Heartbreak, devastation, rape, moord.

It's pure 'fearmongering'.

Jealousy and the black obsession with revenge demonize and exterminate whites.

We have to get up en masse and no say to communism, socialism and Zionism.

Julius Malema and Cyril Ramaphosa sing: One bullet, one settler. One bullet, one American.

Kill the farmer! Kill the farmer!

Human rights organizations call it an innocent song. An old freedomfighters slogan. They refer the genocide to the Land of Fables.

But those songs sung by the ANC supporters are one encouragement to genocide. It is not a call for ethnic cleansing, no, for genocide!

'Together we have to physically stand up against the drug attackers.

We have the right to live !! We have to get rid of the tyranny of the communist ANC.

And that also applies to the USA. I've seen this before! ”Warns Jason Bartlett.

Funded by Zionist George Soros, BLM is just the beginning.

"My Facebook account was banned by Facebook seven times."

They want me on my hike to Washington shut up.

My 'Go Fund Me' was also removed.

Because I am a racist would be.

I get blocked and shadowbanned everywhere on social media.

Standing up for South African whites is racist in their book.

And then, after walking 1057 miles, suddenly there was the Plandemie !!

I had to return to Austin by corona.

I had run out of money because I quit my job before my trip, but now that I was back in Austin I had to pay rent and bills.

I thought the plandemia would only last a few weeks, but then they appeared everywhere evil mouth masks!

I wanted my tour first finally write off and go back to work, but then I was asked to come and work on a farm in Arkansas. These people wanted me to continue my journey.

I sacrificed everything. I'm not complaining. I would do it again but it was tricky.

I moved to Arkansas and went back to training for my hiking trip.

I bought one bicycle and made the decision to cycle the rest of the distance.

I bought a trailer, a stove and a tire repair kit.

'I'm not a bicycle fan at all, but I did it for the hard-working, energetic farmers.

I really believe they are good people, 'says the South African Texan.

Most are Christians, however white Christians must die according to the Anti-Christ who lives in South Africa.

'We have to put on our Helmets of Salvation, because the Devil scratches our brains every day via TV. To us Awareness. 'says Bartlett.

'Via television and smartphones, our children are forced to do that all white racists without us knowing it. '

'In South Africa people of all colors are being murdered, but the whites disproportionate more often.'

Meanwhile, communists say that everyone equal but if black people were better educated, they would see that as black voters they are being manipulated to keep the ANC in the saddle and the voter small. '

'I have 1350 miles cycled to find a solution to this problem. '

'Men have become afraid to talk. Masculinity has been taken from us because of fear-mongering, 'says Bartlett.

That's why I'm talking On behalf of many of them on my tour through the USA. '

'I stayed with Amish people for two days, then another tornado was predicted. '

"They saw that there is more going on than just any mind game: We live in horrible times."

'I had three days at the Amish farm no TV, no cell phones, no electricity. '

'Three days no perversions that by left-wing are poured out over every family via social media and television. '

The man, woman and children with God at the top.

You have to Broken of the Marxists.

Via TV and internet.

The man is made fun of and his image destroyed through the TV commercials etc.

The woman is assigned tasks that she actually does not want and cannot handle.

Everything is against the white man. Women end up alone or as single mothers.

Children are made King.

That is why we now live in a Mayhem, the Amish also think so. Said Jason Bartlett.

'My mission is to restore masculinity in men. Stand up. Don't let the left defile you by their perversions. '

Two days after his mid-weekend with the Amish and after 2457 miles on foot and cycling Jason Bartlett finally arrived at the Witte Huis in Washington DC

But Donald Trump did not answer.

He was allowed to hand in his documentation about farmmurders to some employees.

Trump didn't want to meet me, but at least I'm sure he's fine informed is from the genocide in South Africa. '

"I keep fighting for awareness to say no to EVIL."

"May God help us."

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