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Spanish patriot Javier Ortega from VOX infected with Coronavirus

The second man of Vox's Spanish patriots, Javier Ortega Smith, has been infected with the Corona virus.

The party confirmed today that it tested positive for Covid-19. As of today, the top lawyer and the second man of VOX will be working from home. (source)

Javier Ortega Smith - VOX

He remains in quarantine at home until health authorities declare healed.

Javier himself says that he feels good, according to circumstances.

Ortega probably contracted the virus during the so-called Vistalegre III. A meeting in Madrid at which VOX leader Santiago Abascal was re-elected as President of the VOX party.

Who is Javier Ortega Smith?

Javier is a top lawyer and the second man of VOX. His political opponents fear Ortega Smith for his razor-sharp way of debating. In many television appearances it is clear that his opponents prefer to avoid him in the debate and not attack him because the patriot of VOX always has his answer ready and speaks 5 words per second.

This was his very first television appearance last year when VOX captured millions of Spanish hearts from scratch.

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