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Spontaneous applause for Thierry Baudet at Pauw

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And that was not the intention, it seemed!

Thierry Baudet was a guest at Pauw today. We have recorded it for those who have already thrown the television out of the window.

Of course old cows were taken out of the ditch again. Henk Otten had to be discussed again and even a tweet from Thierry from 2 years ago was mentioned.

Thierry rightly noted that things happen daily at the VVD. The VVD has shown how thoroughly corrupt they are.

Here it was tried again very subtly, but where we used to get angry about this framing, we can now actually keep quietly watching how it only gets more popular because of this kind of performances. He is fine.

You can see the best part of this broadcast from minute 15:00.

At that time, Thierry was asked how he would tackle all those problems in the country, such as climate hysteria. Thierry explains his vision and indicates that it is only a select group of so-called scientists who want to determine our reality.

Almost the entire table was ready to respond with astonishment, but the audience started sapplaud for Thierry.

It really seemed that the evening did not go as expected. You get that when you invite the king of common sense.



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