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Stacey Abrams RUNNING-MATE Joe Biden? !!

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Stacey Abrams (46) is Joe Biden's intended running mate.

So if Democrat Joe Biden wins the upcoming 2020 election, Abrams will become vice president of America.

She is not of impeccable behavior, for example, she has large tax debts, and she has also cheated with votes during the Governor elections in Georgia.

African-American Stacey Abrams had illegal immigrants and people not living in Georgia vote for her.

She also tried to make citizens vote twice to become Governor of the state of Georgia.

She narrowly lost to Republican Brian Kemp, who in turn betrayed the tea party by putting CEO New York Stock Excange's wife Kelly Loefller in a key position rather than opting for conservative Doug Collins.

Kelly Loeffler belongs to the establishment consisting of oligarchs and philanthropists.

Meanwhile, Stacey Abram's middle-class families want to pay more taxes and get rid of farms, because "there are plenty of shops in Georgia where you can buy food." (actual statement by Stacey Abrams)

She is best friends with Oprah Winfrey and attended 'the Bilderberg Conference' in Switzerland in 2019.

In Hotel Montreux Palace she was allowed to lay her ear to listen.

The Bilderberg Assembly is hated all over the world by the hardworking common man for the backroom politics of the Elite taking place there.

Mainly Jewish billionaires and politicians are present every year, in Switzerland for example:
Henry Kissinger, billionaire Henry Kravis, Jared Kushner (married to Trump's daughter), David Petraeus (former CIA boss) and billionaire Eric Schmidt (CEO Google), who is also on the Bilderberg Steering Committee along with the world's top elites from different industries and banking.

Every year about 130 people come together for the talk fest.
Not all participants are mentioned on the published guest list.

The sources of the topics discussed may not be disclosed by name under the Chatham House Rule.

In 2019, people spoke among others about:

1. A Stable Strategic Order (NWO)
2. What Now For Europe?
3. Climate Change
4. China
5. Russia
6. The Future Of Capitalism
7. Brexit
8. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
9. Social Media As Weapon 10.
The universe
11. Cyber ​​Threat

For a good listener, huh?

The very first Bilderberg Conference took place in Oosterbeek. The secret meeting has been held since 1954 and is illegal for journalists.


Henry Kissinger

Eric Schmidt

Henry Kravis

Jared Kushner

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