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Elections: Trump or Biden? The real state of affairs

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At the time of writing this article, so many dark things have already come to light, it is impossible to keep up. Do you really want to stay up to date with honest news about these elections?

We recommend SkyNews Australia, Oan en NewsMaxTV for real news. They monitor the elections 24/7 with a fresh and realistic sound.

FOX News has once again shown their true face and is just as corrupt as the rest. That does not alter that Tucker Carlson and Hannity worth following (while they're still there).

Although the media has already “decided” the elections and they do not hesitate to call Joe Biden “President Elect”.

There is still counting. In Georgia, a manual recount is underway and due to demonstrable fraud, multiple states are under attack and either recounts will take place or even elections may be declared invalid, according to a number of sources published on FOX, OAN and Newsmax.

We wait and see. But getting ahead of things as the “professional media” does is unwise.

This is the map map at the moment. States where lawsuits have been filed are not yet counted. (Source: Epoch Times)


Georgia: Recount. Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Wisconsin, and Nevada: Lawsuits Submitted

Transparency and legal elections. That's what we want!

In a democracy, the most important thing is that the electoral process and the counting of votes are fair. If that is not the case and there is fraud, what is the point of voting? A democracy then falls apart. Trust in the system is gone and that has very unpleasant consequences.

We are now going to see a media campaign against Trump like never before in the near future. Childish and stupid because it is so simple:

Are there sufficient indications that fraud has been committed? Yes.
Is there any evidence? Yes.
Is there any evidence that this has happened on such a scale as to affect the elections? No not yet. This must become apparent after examination of whether the supreme judge will decide.

Everyone can then realize that you do not accept that. Would Biden do that he would do the same. He would be crazy if there were so many indications of fraud.

Since more than 70 million people voted for Donald Trump, it would be disdain if Donald Trump did not get to the bottom of this.

You want to make sure everything went fair when you have nothing to hide and you want people to be convinced that you have become the rightful winner.

Lawsuits have been filed in multiple States.

Anyone would do what Trump does in this situation. It is his right and he owes it to his more than 70.000.000 voters.

The Democrats should embrace that too, and they will have to wait and see for justice to be done.

What have you got to hide?

This has happened before. In 2000 it took 37 days before Al Gore surrendered and George Bush became President. That is democracy.

But instead, the Democrats and the media are calling it shame and trying to turn it so that Trump undermines democracy blah blah ...

What conclusion does each rational person draw from this? "You have something to hide!"

The Trump campaign explains it in great detail here.

There is not a word of Spanish in between and it is clear, acceptable and logical.

Anyone who does NOT agree with this is no good. It has something to hide or is full of hatred. This press conference, which contains just a little too many truths, was cut short by many news outlets in the middle. Even by FOX, which is always wrongly seen as a Pro-Trump channel. (Dutch subtitles)

The battle between love and hate

Now that we (temporarily) live in an era where nothing is too crazy, everything is possible, all shame is long gone and logic and facts no longer count, all Trump haters, from the brainwashed citizens in the field (who often have no idea why they hate him) all the way to the top of politics and big techs, pulling out all the stops.

This is not about the person Trump. This is about the thinking of its supporters in the United States and around the world. Common sense.

The violence will always come from the left.

As far as we can still talk about left and right, because it is actually a battle between people with common sense on the one hand and clouded minds on the other. People who want to go on with their normal life and strive for a society based on common sense and rationality without any form of racism or other extreme ideas and a direct stop from the devastating lockdowns to name just one current example.

On the other side are not Biden supporters but Trump haters. Biden has no role in these elections. That's why he's standing there.

If there were a character like the left-wing Bernie Sanders, Dems could turn away from the party. No, the Biden campaign was mainly about hatred of Trump. But so much hate that you can hardly imagine how people are like that (and so many people fall for it).

Biden is also the first-ever Presidential candidate to INCREASE taxes, join the Paris climate agreement (this costs the US millions of jobs because they are independent in the oil trade) and he wants everyone in the country to wear face masks. They are literal words. Not to mention Packing the Court, which would mean that the Democrats could eventually take full control of the country and there will never be a Republican majority again for decades or more.

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And this demented President who was mostly in his air raid shelter during his "campaign" against the most popular US President ever, Donald Trump, has garnered a record number of votes in US history? More than the "Prophet" Obama? We will see.

That alone leaves your brows like frowning.

It is understandable that the people behind the scenes in the Deep State (The Swamp) are so evil. They see in Trump the greatest threat to their beautiful carefree corrupt life in which they ruled the world. Their lives and their power that never seemed to end are at stake. Their God syndrome is under attack.

That is why violence can only come from the left. It is a constituency fed with hatred. But as soon as a Trump supporter defends himself, it will be in the American 8 o'clock news. It's so predictable.

The example below from the mainstream media says enough

People who follow the situation in America know this kind of news daily fare is at ABC, CNN, MSNBC, major newspapers in the US and via social media.

For 4 years now, Donald Trump has been demonized in this way and people have been brainwashed. There should be no love for Biden or the Democratic party. No… One must hate Donald Trump. Hate to the bone That is the campaign.

See this short video to get an impression of what millions of uninformed people get over them every day:


This breeds dangerous people. Good people are also put on the wrong track by these types of media because they often have little interest in politics and trust that fake news channels still deliver reliable news.

But it seems like it has worn off in an ever-growing group of people. Although we still have to wait a while before we know who will be (or remains) President of the United States, partly because of this kind of media, a worldwide movement has emerged that pierces right through this.

Even if Trump were to lose, no incumbent President has ever had as many votes as Donald Trump. Never before have Presidential candidates in the United States attracted so many people during his countless (sometimes 5 a day) rallies he has held.

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Election Fraud

Is there really election fraud? Yes! That is undeniable. The evidence is piling up. Georgia, Nevada, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan and everywhere the evidence is piling up, and we'll see that in the days and weeks to come.

On such a scale that it's enough to get Trump out of the White House? Nobody knows (yet). But it doesn't have to be enough. If fraud is committed on a large scale, elections can be declared invalid. We wait and see.

Already during election night there was talk of alleged fraud. Donald Trump spoke of a “stolen election” after they suddenly stopped counting around 4 am (US time) and about 4 hours later hundreds of thousands of votes have been added for Biden in the keystates. The States where Trump was still (well) in charge 4 hours earlier.

The next day, more claims of fraud came in immediately and reports poured in that poll watchers authorized by law were banned.

This video provides a brief overview of a number of incidents that took place immediately after election night.

The Pennsylvania court has also ruled that ballots received late should not be counted in the final vote.

On Thursday, a judge sided with the Trump campaign, stating that the Democratic Secretary of State in Pennsylvania did not have the authority to extend the post-in ballot deadline. The judge pointed out that only the state legislature could do that.

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The ruling means that ballots received late will not be counted.

Meanwhile, campaign adviser and White House press officer Kayleigh McEnany revealed more evidence of suspected voter fraud in The Keystone State. (source)

In an interview on Thursday, she claimed that some Republican voters were not allowed to vote in person after they accidentally received post-in ballots. Republican voters said they threw out the post-in ballots and didn't use them to vote. There is also a whistleblower who wants to testify under oath. (source)

McEnany went on to say that early Republican voters were not given the opportunity to correct errors on their ballots, when their Democratic counterparts were.

Earlier it was announced that poll watchers, who must be allowed by law (both the Republicans and the Democrats) to keep a close eye on the whole process. But they were refused. Some were only allowed to watch from a distance of more than 6 meters. After a lawsuit that became 2 meters away. From the first table that is, with a fence in front of it. What else happened in the building was a secret from the Republican poll watchers. (source)

Pollwatcher at a distance of 2 meters may only check the count in this way.

Tucker Carlson showed the names of 25 deceased people who voted for Biden. They came from the keystates of Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Georgia… In addition, a record number of people who were born in the 20's voted nationwide. (source)

Three days ago, Richard Hopkins, a mail carrier from Erie, Pennsylvania, claimed election fraud.

He accused his boss of ordering employees to pick up ballots that were turned in late and make the postmarks as if they were on time. At the time, Trump was still well ahead in Pennsylvania.

So they had to be canceled on November 3 instead of November 4.

Now comes the most bizarre ...

Immediately afterwards, all mainstream media reported that this employee admitted his claim was false. All and worldwide. And as a result, when you Googled his name, the first dozen pages will suffice with his so-called “confession”. The original story is almost impossible to find. You bet there is pressure on people who come out. The social pressure and violence against Trump supporters in the US is, to say the least, very worrying.

Why is this so bizarre? He never confessed, he says. Against no one and he stands by his words. But for Google and for people looking up this man, he has supposedly dropped his charges. Google is corrupt. People don't get past page 2 of the search results.

We eventually found this news through SkyNews Australia (put this news site in your favorites if you like sincere news. Sky Australia is one of the few mainstream media that (nowadays) does try to bring sincere news and regularly utter the two most beautiful words in the world “common sense” and to it to strive.

Either way, Google has turned this man, this whistleblower, into a liar to those who don't look any further.

Here the story of Hopkins. But thanks to Google is this man. His denial of this does not just surface anywhere:


Pennsylvania was also the state at 4am at night suddenly more than 300.000 votes went to Biden. None to Trump.

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Fraud has also been committed in Georgia and Michigan

In this state too, Trump was ahead but the gap was closed and Biden won more than Donald Trump with only 0,1% of all votes.

The Secretary of State of Georgia, Brad Raffensperger, announced yesterday that votes will be recounted. (source)

It is known that deceased persons have voted in Georgia and votes have also been received from people who do not (no longer) live in the State. Hundreds of deceased people are also said to have voted. Now there are exceptions. Certain people may be registered in Georgia but live elsewhere temporarily. But in Brad Raffensperger's first speech, he admitted, surprisingly, himself: "We will find fraudulent votes, but whether it is enough to close the gap ... I doubt it."

Counting illegal votes can even make an election ILLEGAL

Federal Elections Commission (FEC) chairman Trey Trainor said reports of voter fraud are accurate and that there is fraud.

As said before ... Although there is not enough evidence that it will change the final outcome of who becomes (or remains) President of the United States. An election can be declared invalid by The Supreme Court.

These are just some examples. In a previous article we also posted a number of examples of fraud and bizarre developments. People, poll watchers, were banned. This while these people are legally allowed to watch during the voting process. They were kept at a distance or even expelled from the premises. Booed by counters (many of whom were wearing Biden shirts).

Million MAGA March

Yesterday the Million MAGA March took place. The media talked about perhaps a thousand people who came to march in thoroughly Democratic Washington DC



Some beautiful pictures of the "More than 1.000 men."

Imagine. This in the Netherlands. All Red-White-Blue. All Orange. All in one accord and PROUD of our beautiful little Netherlands! They TAKEN it away from us! Our own corrupt dems. #couture


The march was later disrupted by BlackLivesMatter and Antifa supporters. We do not need to explain how the media reported on this


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What will this lead to?

This is David against Goliath *.

The opponents are the greatest powers on Earth. Democrats, the big techs, censoring and fake news-spreading media mafia, dangerous corrupt rich figures with a God syndrome and a huge agitated crowd of useful idiots with a blind hatred for Trump without realizing why ...

We The People against everything corrupt in the world.

We will not hide the hope that the Democrats and the “Swamp” will be dismantled and answerable to the supreme court. We prefer to have them all in front of the gate. Along with the media mafia, Deep State and the big techs.

But if it turns out that Joe Biden has won fair, you have to accept that. However sour. That is the difference between us, the humans, and the fully brainwashed multitude of hatred and aggression.

But so much more has come out in the process of writing this article that things look brighter for Donald Trump than for Joe Biden. At least, the corruption that Biden represents. He himself often has no idea what he is saying.

The question remains why the media continues to anticipate matters and ridicule Trump (including his supporters and like-minded people worldwide)?

In 2016 they were already hugely in front of pole because they were completely wrong. When now, in 2020, it will appear that Donald Trump can stay put, then the meltdown will be 100 times more hilarious and bigger than 4 years ago and if there are also many heads rolling ... They blow themselves up. It's the arrogance of power.

Therefore, sit back and let this whole process unfold. We finally have a real chance to see the media scum and corrupt politicians and DeepState dealt with.

Donald Trump has always said: "Exposing the corruption will be my greatest achievement."

He is closer than ever ...

* David won

In any case, Donald Trump himself is quite clear ...

For people who do not (well) know Donald Trump. This report gives a good idea of ​​who the man is and what ultimately made him decide to run for President:


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