State of emergency: THOUSANDS of migrants invade Europe through Lampedusa in July

The Italian island of Lampedusa is once again overrun by North African migrants.

'The situation has become untenable. If the government doesn't do it, I'll declare a state of emergency ', the Italian news agency Ansa quotes Mayor Toto Martello.


The 20 square kilometer Lampedusa currently houses 1.027 migrants. In addition, the 203 migrants who were sent to the coastguard in the Friday night Saturday intercept in the Mediterranean. Most of the boats left from Tunisia. Illegal immigration to Europe so takes again toe.


Lampedusa has a reception center for migrants, but that has an official capacity of only 95.

Migrants are regularly transferred to Porto Empedocle in Sicily - Friday there were another 200
migrants - but that is not enough to relieve the pressure.

Fifty migrants stay in tents in the haven due to lack of alternative reception places. The number of migrants arriving in Italy via the sea, has increased significantly in recent weeks.


Between July 1 and 24, a total of 4.384 North African migrants were stranded on the island who can barely handle the pressure.

Since the beginning of this year, 11.334 migrants have already reached the Italian island by sea. The current number of migrants is therefore almost the same as in the full year 2019.


Also in 2018, 23.370 migrants ended up in Italy via Lampedusa and from Italy they spread across Europe.

Judging from this pace, the figures for 2020 may fall higher out than ever.

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